Xtreme Tip 3

The Dennis Emery Profit System: This superb idea will help earn you an extra £10 to £20 per booking for no extra work. In a nutshell it is as follows: Many childrens parties have a theme to them e.g pirates, Barbie Doll, mermaids, animals etc etc. Imagine if you could supply your customers with a themed bouncy castle of their choice to match as closely as possible the theme of the party or the birthday child’s favourite character. How much extra would your customers be prepared to pay to have the theme of their choice? £5, £10 or even £15? How many extra referrels would you get? Traditionally, the only way to do this was to go to the huge expense of buying a themed bouncy castle. However, the big disadvantage of doing this is that the theme may go out of fashion with children and you are then stuck with a castle which no-one wants to hire. The ingenious solution to this problem is to have detachable artwork panels which have Velcro attached to them, and so can be interchanged between different bouncy castles, to suit the relevant theme of the party. Each artwork panel is made from bouncy castle material, and is approx. 5ft high and 3 ft wide. They fit snugly around the two front pillars of the castle. The castle also has to have Velcro glued to the front pillars, in order for the artwork to be securely attached. I used to use heavy duty duct tape, to secure the 2 artwork panels. However, I found that this left a messy residue, and also in wet weather it would come off. If you are interested in buying some detachable artwork panels of the theme of your choice, including the all important Velcro strips, please email me and I will put you in touch with the company which produces the artwork, the panels and the Velcro at very reasonable prices.

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