Written Reviews

What some of our members say – don’t just take our word for it!

Ben EfronBen Efron

"Massive thank you to Mark at the BIHA. He has built me a website over the past few months and has got it to the the top of page one of Google in under two months. Excellent value for money really informative and he is a helping hand at most times of the day. A real MUST for anyone who wants to run a profitable, successful and safe bouncy castle hire business in the United Kingdom. Above and beyond everything else he is a really nice guy who just wants the best for all his members and will go above and beyond to ensure this is achieved".

Ben Efron
Bounce Buddies Wakefield

Jim McManamon – Jalmac Leisure, Manchester.

You will never know how helpful something is till you need it - The BIHA and Mark Jerram are like an insurance policy always there if you need them.

Ben ThompsonBen Thompson

Hi Mark,

Thank you very much for forwarding all the BIHA welcome emails to me.

They have been very informative and interesting to read.

It's clear that being a member of the BIHA will certainly add value to my business and I look forward to speaking to you soon - if only to get some tips as to how to get my website to the top of the google listings!

Thanks again Mark,


Tumbling Little Tots


Steve RobertsSteve Roberts

"We have found that the BIHA has offered invaluable advice for our hire business and has also helped us learn from the mistakes of others. The BIHA has effectively given us a 2 or 3 year headstart in the industry. We are very glad that we joined".

Steve Roberts

Aladdins Cave Entertainments Ltd
Liverpool, Merseyside.

Paul – Premier Parties (Norfolk)Paul – Premier Parties (Norfolk)

"Keep up the good work. The BIHA Facebook group is also proving invaluable.


Paul - Premier Parties


Bounce Sheerness – KentBounce Sheerness – Kent

"I've been a BIHA member now for just over a year. There have been lots of useful tips, and I've been put on the right track many times since I've joined".

Jason Sutton

Bounce Sheerness


Bouncy KingsBouncy Kings

When starting our business the BIHA and Bouncy Castle Owner Forum were a great and reliable source of knowledge and information giving us lots of guidance do’s and dont’s to an industry that was quite new to us. Without the BIHA it would have taken us a lot more time, money and effort to get started so thank you BIHA!”

Bouncy Kings Bouncy Castle Hire

The Party DoctorsThe Party Doctors

Hi Mark,

I’ve recently signed up to the forum and have spent a whole afternoon and evening reading through and making notes from the amazing advice posted by fellow hirers..

Kindest Regards

Phil Lack
The Party Doctors

Jalmac Leisure – ManchesterJalmac Leisure – Manchester

I have been a member of the BIHA for many years. I have
recommended them to many companies in the business. The BIHA has
given me many tips and lots of advice. It has also alerted me to
thefts, scams and incidents that have been happening on
different patches.

Jim McManamon

Jalmac Leisure Ltd

Colourful Castles – BedsColourful Castles – Beds

I have benefited a lot from all the great advice and tips on the forum on www.BouncyCastleOwner.com and I enjoy all the banter that goes on in there.

Marc Turner
Colourful Castles

Jolly Legs – KentJolly Legs – Kent

The BIHA makes me feel part of a big "family" and somewhere to go to for up to date advice and support. Mark Jerram has really helped me start my business off on the right footing and how to avoid mistakes and pitfalls that some hire companies make in the beginning.

John Cole

Jolly Legs


Active Hire – LeedsActive Hire – Leeds

As one of the founder members of the BIHA there was a time when industry information was not very easy to get hold of. With the BIHA we find information on the forums and news letters. We did learn to take information and then check details for ourselves because we all make mistakes at the start and information given out on forums can be done in good faith but can be flawed. Without the information to start with we could never find the facts. Even finding info about LIW getting there and meeting others came from BIHA and forums now with the likes of the Leisure Supplies Show, INPAS and facebook its a lot easier to get the info but for most it starts with the BIHA.

Brian Auty

Active Hire




Tearaway Leisure LtdTearaway Leisure Ltd

The BIHA is a great source of contacts with everyone else in the inflatable hire industry. Also, I like the discussion forum at www.BouncyCastleOwner.com and the fact that I can put my views forward on a particular aspect of the industry and then read the views and opinions of others. I also like seeing how the minds of other hire companies work. As a manufacturer, the BIHA is also a very useful form of advertising. I've also received some excellent advice and guidance from the BIHA.

Richard Hall
Tearaway Leisure Limited
Louth, Lincolnshire.

LilysBouncyCastles – London

Hi Mark.
I must say your doing a great job by keeping us all informed on the current and past issues of the trade.
I always look forward to your email telling me how I can improve custom. Some I've already done before you've told us about them some I've tried and some I will try. All are welcomed and read.
Please could you forward the 'pdf' for Google My Business Guide for inflatable hire companies.


Big Bounce – Nottingham

The forum at www.BouncyCastleOwner.com is a great outlet and after over 9 years in the inflatable hire business I still pick up tips from it. You’re never too old to learn!!


Big Bounce



Babylandia – Shropshire

The BIHA have helped us become recognised as a reliable safe company to use.


Babylandia Bouncy Castle Hire


Oswestry, Shropshire.

Fun Times Bouncy Castles – Wales

I read all the great tips and ideas published by the BIHA in the weekly newsletters and on the website.

They massively helped me in the early years of my hire biz.

After 7 years in this biz, I still read these tips and learn from them.

It’s great to be reminded of some of the basic stuff, that can be forgotten about by long established hire companies.

Lee Bridges

Fun Times Bouncy Castles


Milford Haven, Wales.

Bounce Dept – Hants.

I enjoy having access to highly experienced owners and operators of inflatable play businesses. On several occasions I have been helped by them on issues that I was facing in my own business.

I am very grateful for their help and advice.

Richard Rumbelow

The Bounce Department


Southampton, Hampshire

Bouncemania Inflatables – N. Ireland

I always advertise that I am a member of the BIHA and it gets me extra bookings. Potential customers are impressed that I’m a member of a national organisation of hire companies, and this converts to more hires.

(Anything you can do to impress or wow your prospective customers is always a very positive thing)

I also find the discussion forum at www.BouncyCastleOwner.com very helpful.

Ryan Stewart

Bouncemania Inflatables


Newtownards, N. Ireland

Checos – Scotland

The BIHA helps me find good suppliers who manufacture excellent inflatables.

Also, it’s good to read other BIHA member’s ideas and tips to increase all our profits and improve safety.

Jackie Cousins




King of the Castles Entertainments – Herts

The BIHA has massively helped me in my inflatable hire business.

I have benefited a lot from all the advice and tips that the BIHA has given to its members over the years.

In addition, I like being able to get a discount on my PL insurance as a result of my membership.

Natalie King.

King Of The Castles Entertainments




Dazzlas Inflatables, Kent

The discussion forum at www.bouncycastleowner.com has been very helpful to me and has enabled me to resolve issues which I had with my hire business.

Darran (Daz) Burchett
Dazzlas Inflatables
Maidstone, Kent

Best Parteez

Hi Mark

We are finding our BIHA membership very rewarding, keep up the good work!

Best regards

Paul (James)
Best Parteez

LilysBouncyCastles.com – London

Hi Mark.
I must say your doing a great job by keeping us all informed on the current and past issues of the trade.
I always look forward to your email telling me how I can improve custom. Some I've already done before you've told us about them some I've tried and some I will try. All are welcomed and read.
Please could you forward the 'pdf' for Google My Business Guide for inflatable hire companies.


Jim Robinson – Lancs

Hi Mark,
Thankyou for all e-mails and information I am finding it incredibly useful and informative.

Jimmy Robinson

TK’s Toys and Castles – Hants

Thanks very much for all the info to get me started.

Tom Willmott
TK's Toys and Castles

First Class Leisure – Wolverhampton

The BIHA gives great advice and support, we always look forward to the BIHA emails. Thanks Mark for a great job.

Lisa and Dave Butler-Hollington

First Class Leisure



Bounceroos – West Midlands

The BIHA is a great starting point to find out the vital information required in the early days, I now refer to the site and the forum often to keep up to date with news and tips that are always useful.


Colin and Team


West Midlands

Bouncyboing Mid-Wales.

Hi Mark

Thanks for sticking a pin in the map at BIHA Map powered by Google Yes, location is correct.

With regards the BIHA tip of the week - I receive them regularly, and appreciate the work that you put into them - some great advice and tips, thank you.

All the best

scallywagsbouncycastles.co.uk Worcs

The BIHA gets me a lot of EXTRA work because my potential customers have a higher "perception" of my hire company when they see the BIHA logo. It's all about human psychology! Customers naturally trust you more when they see that you are a member of a national organisation for bouncy castle hire companies.

David Sedgewick



SoftPlayAdventures.co.uk Herts

Thank you for the valuable info and advice on both websites and also, thank you for keeping the membership fees so low.




Innovents.co.uk, Berkshire

The BIHA (including its forum) is the only resource to get tips and share ideas with other bouncy castle hire companies on an organised basis.
I really enjoy reading all the info on the 2 websites and learning from others in the industry.
The BIHA offers an invaluable service to bouncy castle hire companies.

Darren Latimer

CubKarting, Lancashire

The discussion forum on BouncyCastleOwner.com is really useful!"

Steve & Penny Lawrence




Mr Bounce, Chingford, London

The BIHA was very helpful for me just starting my new business. I found it very beneficial being part of a community of people all in the same boat.

Anthony McLellen

Mr Bounce

Chingford, London

Clownfish Events Limited

Hi Mark,

I joined the BIHA in January 2010 - already it has given me extra selling weight when hiring to potential customers who have heard of the well respected BIHA.

It has helped me personally get to grips with exactly how insurance works and what to put in disclaimers. Thanks BIHA.

Matt Turner

Clownfish Events Limited

All About Bounce, Surrey.

Hi Mark

I must admit, joining the BIHA was the best thing I could have done! The chap I bought the castles from suggested I did and it has really helped me out.

So thanks, and thanks for the tips on the giant garden games.

Natalie George

"All About Bounce".

Guildford, Surrey.

Maureen Armstrong, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Your information has helped us out big time.

Maureen Armstrong, Central Quadrant, Ardrossan, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Bill’s Bouncy Castles, Warwickshire

My business has benefited from the numerous ideas which have been presented in the BIHA newsletters.

Bill Styles

Bill's Bouncy Castles


Bouncemania, Warwickshire

The BIHA offer invaluable information to the whole industry and have helped us (and lots of other companies I am sure) to find our feet, and answer any questions that we have had - Many thanks, once again

Simon Wright, Bouncemania, Rugby, Warwickshire

Steve Harrison.

Both BouncyCastleOwner.com and the BIHA website have been extremely helpful for us during our first few months of business.


Steve Harrison.

Funky Town Inflatables, Scotland.

Thank you for accepting my membership application. I am delighted with the amount of information available to me. Having read through some of the articles I know I am on the right track to success.

Diane Glatley,

Funky Town Inflatables,

Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Sillybillies, Lincoln.

I keep in regular contact with the bouncy castle owners website, it's extremely helpful on the discussion forum.

Lesley Marriott.

Sillybillies, Lincoln.

Phil Dixon (Get Up and Bounce) Dorset.

"Keep up the good work on your website and the newsletters - Some very useful stuff. Cheers"

Phil Dixon (Get Up and Bounce) Poole, Dorset.

Dani Melvin


Thank you for sending all the information over, I was up to 1am this morning with all sorts of ideas going through my head. I am convinced that some of the ideas will lead to a marked increase in business. I wondered if you could advise how I can add a PayPal button to my website. I have added my company email to my PayPal account, but not sure how to go from there? Thank you in advance for the additional help.

Dani Melvin

Pied Piper Southend Bouncy Castle Hire

Hi Mark,

Whilst I'm in touch I would like to say how impressed I am with everything your site offers in terms of help and advice. The newsletters and blogs are proving very useful because as a novice there is so much to learn and I have enormous respect for the experienced players in this industry. I've only just bought my first castle (a basic action hero 12 x 12) and can't wait to develop the business! My website is up and running and I had my first enquiry today. Unfortunately they were'nt looking for an action hero so I referred them to another provider who had more to offer (something I learnt from your advice pages). With very kind regards

Frazer Darling

Pied Piper Southend Bouncy Castle Hire



Ace Bouncy Castles, Scotland

Thanks for the very prompt response and comprehensive information. We have just launched the business last week so all the information will prove very useful.
The BIHA is a fantastic resource for anyone in the business.
Best regards
Peter Flockhart
Ace Bouncy Castles
East Dunbartonshire

Brecon & Radnor Bouncy Hire, South Wales

Hi Mark.
Very impressed with your work and efforts - again many thanks!

Jerry Garry
Brecon & Radnor Bouncy Hire
Llangammarch Wells
South Wales

Party Magic UK, Oxfordshire

Good morning Mark. Thanks so much for all the information you have sent through it has been extremely helpful.

Party Magic UK
Faringdon, Oxfordshire

Little Rascals Bouncy Castles, Essex.

Brilliant absolutely brilliant - thank you so much Mark for creating this video for me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XUBz-vj_XQ

Richard Maddox

Little Rascals Bouncy Castles

Colchester, Essex.

King of the Castle – IRELAND

Hi Mark,

I have recently joined the BIHA under King Of The Castle in Longford and just want to congratulate you on a brilliant member website you have, delighted to be part of a professional organization and finding all the information priceless. I even got a saving of over 400 euros on my public liability insurance!! keep up the good work!!



King of the Castle

County Longford


Bound2Bounce – Norfolk

Hello Mark,

I'd just like to say great site and really informative forum. Cheers.

George Bound2Bounce.co.uk

Aeroplay Inflatables

Many thanks for the vast amount of information and safety advice.

Kindest regards
Jon Garry
Aeroplay Inflatables

Jump4Fun – LONDON

Hi Mark,
Thank you for all your emails and good advice, I'm slowly reading through bit by bit to take it all in.

Regards Laura Jump4Fun
Mottingham LONDON

Mark Smith – Barracudas Events

Hi Mark,

Everything's great on the site, Thanks a lot!

Kind Regards,

Mark Smith

Lotzafun Castles – Enfield

Dear Mark,
Many thanks for all the info you have sent. As I am new to this business, I have found it a great help reading through the wealth of useful information. I should be receiving my inflatables this week, so I am keen to put some of it into practice.
Thanks again.

Steve Mansell

Lotzafun Castles


Kool Bouncers, London

Hi Mark
Thank you for emailing me all the info. I look forward to the benefits that BIHA has to offer, and I hope that once I am up and running, I too can contribute to the site.
Thanks again......
Kool Bouncers,









Jumping Beans Bouncy Castles, Bucks.

We have found your website excellent and look forward to starting our new business venture. Please can you add our details to your listing which is High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Many thanks for your help

Kind regards

Neil Young

Jumping Beans Bouncy Castles

High Wycombe, Bucks.

PJ’s Castles, Essex

Hi Mark,

Thank you for all the information you have sent over to me, there is a lot of helpful info for me to read up on.

Louise Harris

PJ's Castles



Abba Dabba Bouncy Castles – Devon

Hi Mark

Firstly, many thanks for your help. I've been happy with the progress of my bouncy castle company and two things that have helped me enormously have been my BCN website and the BIHA site.

Best Regards

Matt Simmonds

Abba Dabba Bouncy Castles


Leisuretime Inflatables, Bedford.

I received my BIHA membership pack and free reports a few days ago, after much eager anticipation. I must say that it lived up to my expectations, and I was very impressed with the content and the ideas given.

Gary Smith,

Leisuretime Inflatables,

THE QUAD SQUAD – Leicestershire

Hi Mark,

Many thanks for providing such an informative and in-depth site, keeps me busy for hours.


Kev and Annette (THE QUAD SQUAD)


Graham & Jenny Smith, Scotland

The BIHA website has been a great source of information, including advice, tips, ideas and generally very interesting.

Keep up the good work.

Graham & Jenny Smith

North East Scotland

Sunshine Leisure Hire, Cambridge.

I found the free reports very interesting.

Shaun Rutherford,
Sunshine Leisure Hire,

Big Bounce – Kent

At last a professional body for the inflatable hire world. It's great to see the BIHA grow into a recognised body for this exciting and underdeveloped industry.

Paul Miller,

Big Bounce,



Corporate Leisure International, Berkshire

I am very impressed with the BIHA from the word go, very professional, and something that is badly needed in the industry. I’m sure that it is recognised by the public as well as the industry, as representing the more professional hire companies. I particularly enjoyed reading the information in the free reports, and despite being in the business for ten years, I learnt a lot of new things. I particularly liked the idea of how to prevent rain-water from getting inside the inflatable during rain.

Trevor Collins,
Corporate Leisure International,

1st Choice Bouncy Hire, Swindon

The discount I received on my public liability insurance more than pays for my membership to the BIHA.

Steve Carter,
1st Choice Bouncy Hire,

Birds Bouncy Castle Hire, Suffolk

I think the BIHA is a great idea, it enables me to access hundreds of years of combined business knowledge and also contact other inflatable hirers in a non-competitive way, in what is essentially a lonely business.

Nick Carter,
Birds Bouncy Castle Hire,

Childs Play, Loughborough

I think that it is great that BIHA members can "bounce" ideas off each other.

Peter Skivington,
Childs Play,

Airflare Bouncy Castle Hire, Somerset

Congratulations on setting up an association for bouncy castle / inflatable operators, its what's been needed for many years. We have been in the business for 12 years and we find the BIHA very useful. I'm sure that new operators will find the association invaluable and particularly the free reports hints and tips, which are really useful. Best of luck with the association, we look forward to many years of membership - well worth the annual subscription fee.

Phil and Michelle Baker.
Airflare Bouncy Castle Hire,

Bethany Lewis, AB Entertainments

Being a new business in the bouncy castle/entertainment industry, I found it extremely difficult to find any helpful information concerning insurance, inflatable manufacturers etc. I was often met with a brick wall when I approached what could be seen as rival businesses for help and advice. The BIHA is just what the industry needs for people to realise that by sharininformation and advice between members, it can help us all work together as an industry and become stronger through this, rather than viewing each other as rivals. Since I have become a member of the BIHA, I have received invaluable advice, which has helped me establish my business and become recognised as an accredited member of the inflatable hire industry.

"Bethany Lewis,
AB Entertainments,

Dave Nelson, Bouncy Bouncy Hire

I received the BIHA welcome pack this morning. I am very impressed with the fast and professional way in which the BIHA is run. I have read the free reports and have already acted upon the petrol saving idea.

Dave Nelson,
Bouncy Bouncy Hire,

Chrisseys, Suffolk

We have received your free reports and have read them with interest. We found the report about keeping the castle dry by *********** of great interest, especially as last season was so wet!

We would also like to congratulate you on the work you have done so far, and have found the information available on the web pages also to have been of benefit.

Tony & Chris Chapman,



Dear Mark,
As I am new to the business I found your reports very informative.
They also gave me plenty of marketing ideas to sell my business plan to the bank, they really helped me to understand the pro's and con's of the business.

Yours sincerely,
David & Cheryl,

Warwick Inflatables.

Everything I have received from the BIHA so far has been fantastic. It's nice to know we are not all on our own.
Thank you.

Paul Ashfield.
Warwick Inflatables.

Joanna – Bounce For Fun

Hi Mark
Thanks very much for all the information you sent with my membership pack. I am ploughing my way through it all and have found loads of very interesting and helpful tips and ideas.
I look forward to the next newsletter and information.
Thanks again
Bounce For Fun

AA Inflatables – Harlow

I have only been a BIHA member for 2 months and yet I have had 2 bookings from my advert on the BIHA website www.biha.org.uk . This has paid for my membership more than twice over.

Chris Baxter
AA Inflatables

GEP Services – London

The BIHA really has been a help to us, we are so glad that we joined. The hints and tips in the documentation you sent really did make a huge difference to us for launch, and we look forward to receiving the newsletters, there's so much in it, it's a huge help to our business. Keep up the good work.
Kind Regards
Liz Saunders
GEP Services


All the promised reports arrived by return of post and I have just finished reading the reports with all the ideas - great stuff, you put it all in a simple straight forward way that anyone can understand. I am looking forward to reading the newsletters! If I get any unique ideas, I shall be sure to send them in.
I look forward to dealing with you over the coming years.

John Horvath of BouncyPartyHire


I find the BIHA very helpful and think it does do a
good job of keeping people informed on what's going on.
David Aiken

Gary Mason – Anglesey

Dear Mark
I received my membership last night to the BIHA and I was really quite surprised to how much effort you have gone to to give your members the mine of information that is available to them - great stuff - not just run of the mill that you can find at a lot of membership sites to other types of businesses - please feel free to use the above as a testimonial.
Gary Mason
North Wales.

Bounce! – East Sussex

Hi Mark,
In my opinion that was the best newsletter (No. 24) the BIHA has ever published, I spent a happy half hour with a mug of tea in front of the computer, there seemed to be a decent helping of everything, well done.
Cheers, keep up the good work,

Bradley Caine,
Bounce! Battle East Sussex

Bounce-Krazee – Bucks.

Thanks very much for sending me the latest newsletter. The new colour logo is brilliant and a great addition!

Tracey Christie
High Wycombe

R. Pellow – London

Hi Mark,
Thanks for helping me sell my ball pool and blower. I really appreciate your help and service."
R. Pellow.

Kings of the Castles – Merseyside

Dear Mark
Thanks for all the information you e-mailed, it has been very interesting and informative.

Nicholas Maxwell
Kings of the Castles

Barry Hill

"Thank you for your e-mail which I have just finished reading. There are so many interesting ideas and lots of helpful information.
Keep up the good work. Well worth joining."
Many thanks,
Barry Hill.


Hi Mark,
I would like to say that I am proud to be a member of the B.I.H.A and I make sure all our customers, are aware we are members. I think it makes a lot of difference to our company, I really feel it proves we are serious about our business and to our customers as well. I think you do a wonderful job Mark keeping up with everything to do with the B.I.H.A it can't be easy. Have a nice christmas.
Take care

Angela Clarke – Fun 4 Kids

Hi Mark
Just like to say thank you, all the information you emailed is of great help and loads of useful tips.
Angela Clarke.
Fun 4 Kids

TWS Inflatables Ltd

I'm happy to say that more and more of our customers are now joining the BIHA even the new hirers, which should ensure that we minimise the amount of cowboys out there. I will of course continue to recommend BIHA to our customers as I am impressed with the tips and guidance that is offered and I want our customers not only to do it right but also to be successful.
Iain Martin
TWS Inflatables Ltd

Paul Newman, Sir Bounce A Lot

A big thanks to you for your ground work and willingness to
share information. I think we have already benefited from
the information that we have have read from your other
Paul Newman
Sir Bounce A Lot

Steve Phillips – Swindon

Hi Mark,
Received all the information you sent today and very interesting reading it makes too !! Lots of helpful do's and don'ts. I also received my first enquiry via the link on the website so my membership has been paid off in its first week !
Thank you for all the help and information thus far, I look forward to a successful year.
Steve Phillips

Kings of the Castles.

Thanks for your great reports, they have been very helpful.
Nick Maxwell
Kings of the Castles.

Jumpstart Party Hire Limited

Hi Mark - thanks so much for this. We are really looking forward to being part of the BIHA. I am sure the experience and feedback from you and the members will be a great help to our success.
Martin & Kieren Reed
Jumpstart Party Hire Limited


I have found the BIHA information very informative and I am 100% sure that the info in the emails will help us and our business! Believe it or not there was quite a few things amongst it that I did not know! I would like to thank you for everything, your helpful and informative phone calls, your info. through the BIHA emails and I would like to add that I am pleased with the service you give. I would be grateful if you would use the above as a testimonial.
Carl & Clare, Carl's Castles

B & B Castles, Thatcham, Berkshire.

"Many thanks for your help, I love the sample newsletter you sent me on Friday, can't wait to receive current newsletter."

Tara Eggleton.

B & B Castles.

Thatcham. Berkshire.

Jump and Bump Bouncy Castles Leicester

Thank you very much for all the info. that you have sent us. The quality of the information and tips and ideas are absolutely first class. Probably the most beneficial to us were the report on how to turbo-charge your profits and the information gleaned from the newsletter (very much looking forward to the latest one). Once again Thanks for you help.

Paul Searle
Jump and Bump Bouncy Castles Leicester

Fun Dayz – Wigan

Mark, "This information is amazing. The idea's are also fantastic......."

Kevin & Kelly



Wigan, Greater Manchester.

So Bouncy – Huddersfield

Thank you for your prompt inclusion of our details on the BIHA website - within 9 hours of you receiving

our application in the post, we had our first telephone call and booking! This must be a record?

Many thanks for your help.
Andrew Ridsdale.

So Bouncy


West Yorkshire

Hire and Mighty – Leicester

Thanks for all the help your organisation has offered, it's a great site-best money I've ever spent!

Stephen Lord.

Hire and Mighty,

Wigston, Leicester,

Paul Pearce – The Silver Jester, Cornwall

"As a new person to the trade I must thank the BIHA for all the useful advice they give and to the members as well.We had our first hire out yesterday and it turns out that it was a BIHA member who had seen us listed on the site andcouldn't deal with that booking so recommended us".

Paul Pearce "The Silver Jester" Cornwall

Dawn and Steven Parfitt

Well done for putting a super site together. We like the idea of helping and sharing information with others.

Dawn & Steven Parfitt

Bounce ‘N’ Go


Wigan, Lancashire

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