First steps

Congratulations on your very smart decision to the join the British Inflatable Hirers Alliance (BIHA)

Please click on the links inside this members only content.

There is a great deal of content so we advise you to close the door, get a few cups of coffee and a pen and notepad, and jot down stuff that you feel is relevant to your own hire business.

Go through the material again as you probably missed stuff during the first reading.

Your BIHA membership number is your initials followed by the date that you joined the BIHA.

Example: If your name is Fred Blogs and you joined on the 10th July 2014, then your membership number will be FB100714

Your membership number MUST always contain 8 digits.

So, if your name is Joe Brown and you joined on the 2nd October 2012, then your membership number would be: JB021012

Please text me on 07880 – 540201 if you have any problems.

It is also very important that you register your company (for free) on the directory of BIHA members at

You should see a pic near the top right hand corner of the site saying “Register your business for free”. Please click on this and then go through the screen prompts.

Again, please text me on 07880 – 540201 if you have any problems.

Your subscription to the lively, PRIVATE discussion forum at: will normally be activated for your within the hour. If you have not heard back within about 12 hours – please text me on 07880 – 540201. This has to be manually set up for you which is the reason that there may be a slight delay.

Above all, we hope you enjoy the content, and put it into practice! If you do, then you should notice a big increase in bookings and profits.

Don’t forget if you would like a subsidized website at extremely affordable fees, then we can normally help. Please see: for more info.

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