How to get the most from the BIHA

1) Immerse yourself in all the FREE content on this website.
2) Join the BIHA Facebook Group (for the industry) at
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4) Join the BIHA “Members Only” Facebook Group (Just launched so still adding members to it)
5) If you pay for SEO services from the BIHA – please join the SEO Facebook Group at:
6) Login to the “DISCUSSION FORUM” on (There are over 40,000 posts in there!)
7) Submit your details to the various online directories, and get a FREE backlink to your own website.
8) Read all the “members only” content inside
9) Read all the welcome emails that you will receive upon joining. (There is priceless information in there that will massively help you in your hire business – especially if you are a new “start-up”)
10) Pay particular attention to the BIHA Code of Ethics. See: Please also read the summary of en 14960 at:
11) Add the BIHA logo to your website, van, flyers, business cards and all other marketing materials. This is an important “Trust Factor” and should get you more work.
12) NEVER, EVER HIRE OUT TOY INFLATABLES. They are only suitable for light domestic use, and it’s a criminal offence under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 to hire them out for commercial purposes. In other words, if you hire out cheap, toy bouncy castles (the type that you can buy in supermarkets) and you get caught, then you could be prosecuted. Aside from that, it is virtually impossible to get PL insurance on toy inflatables.
13) Read the BIHA “Tip of the Week” which will be delivered to you by email and also posted on the “BIHA members only” Facebook Group. These tips only take about a minute or two to read, and yet can have a massive impact on your bottom line if you put them into action.
14) Claim your discount of up to 30% on your PL insurance premiums with (and also get £5Million cover for the same price as £2million cover)
15) This is a very large website with over 230 pages. If you want to see all those pages at a glance – please look at the sitemap at:

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