About Us

The BIHA is the leading Trade Organisation for the UK Bouncy Castle and Play Inflatable Industry and has many hundreds of members nationwide (including the Republic of Ireland) and a handful of overseas members.

The BIHA was launched in early 2001 by Mark Jerram and 30 established hire companies (The original “Founder Members”) with extensive experience within the UK inflatable hire industry. Due to an absence of any authoritive organisation, the founders felt a Trade Body needed to be established to actively set guidelines for inflatable hire companies, as well as making education and training material available to its members, including ongoing help, advice and support.

Up until the point of when the BIHA was established there was uncertainty by some inflatable hire companies of what was required to run a legitimate and professional hire service. There were many sources of conflicting information available which were leaving some companies confused about how to provide a professional service. The BIHA was a “pioneer” by consulting with business experts in the industry to establish what tools and guidelines etc. are required to run a successful and professional hire business.

Fast forward to 2021, and the industry has changed greatly since those early 2001 days. E.g. the Standard (EN 14960) is now available for all companies involved in inflatable hire to read and implement. Also, social media has moved the industry forward by providing a source of information, although great care must be exercised to ensure that “mis-information” is not being put out on social media platforms to unsuspecting hire companies.

See video below for more information about the BIHA:

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Please note that the BIHA is NOT a Trade Association, nor is it an “Accreditation Body”. Instead, it’s an Alliance/Online Community of inflatable hire companies with a passion for improving their own businesses and helping the industry to be safe. We cannot check every single member for safety compliance – although they must read and understand the “Code of Ethics”. If you see a BIHA member falling short of the required standards you’re encouraged to contact the BIHA in strictest confidence. Please note that if a member in good standing is displaying the BIHA logo on their website, then this does NOT guarantee that they are operating to the required standard. Although, it does demonstrate a willingness to abide by the correct safety standards. Before choosing a BIHA member, the BIHA recommend you carry out your due diligence.