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All new BIHA members will receive a copy of the ebook (via email) – “How to Turbo-charge Your Profits from Hiring Inflatables – Volume 1”. The Contents of this ebook can be seen below….

1) How to correctly answer the phone
2) Three simple questions to virtually guarantee a booking.
3) Four words which get you that booking!!
4) How to use the deluxe approach to win more bookings.
5) A much cheaper alternative to sending out a brochure.
6) How to get a low cost website for as low as £30.
7) How to get more bookings using small, cheap leaflets.
8, How to get hundreds of new customers by creating cross-promotion deals with other businesses.
9) How to use add-on support products to delight your existing customers and attract new customers.
10) The world’s most profitable hire product (The Dennis Emery System).
11) How to get lots of bookings for the price of a stamp.
12) How to operate an emergency call out service, and boost your profits.
13) How to get your competitors to pass business over to you.
14) How to make big profits from accessories.
15) How to make sure that you get the money you are entitled to, at a show or other large public event.
16) How to get cheaper fuel at the forecourts.
17) How to get so many bookings for your bouncy castles and inflatables that you are turning customers away.
18) A simple idea to increase the power of your electric fans by up to 25% instantly. (The benefit is that the strain on the bed seams of the inflatable will be less and lengthen its life)
How to prevent adults from bouncing on your kiddies bouncy castles and preventing unnecessary damage.
19) A very simple idea to make sure that you get paid, even if the weather has been very wet, and the castle has hardly been used.
20) How to clean your inflatables the lazy way – and save hours and hours of time.
21) How wet weather can actually boost your profits.
22) A unique and simple way to protect your inflatable against theft.
23) How to reduce wear on the bed seams of your inflatables.
24) How to easily prevent rainwater from being sucked into the inflatable, through the blower when it is raining heavily.
25) An essential tool which can instantly repair your inflatable in an emergency. (This is not glue!!).
26) How to fully weatherproof your bouncy castle.
27) How and where to get completely free high-impact advertising.
28) The best 26 marketing ideas to increase your profits.
29) Two words which can massively enhance your credibility in the eyes of your customers.
30) How to make your inflatable slides a lot more slippery.
31) How to get free crash mats from a local source.
32) The best FREE marketing ideas.
33) Where to buy a machine which will suck air out of your inflatables in a couple of minutes (i.e. like a “reverse” blower).
34) **SOLVED** Another method on how to quickly and easily suck the air out of the inflatable, without walking on the inflatable.
35) ow and where to buy small pots of polycarbonate paint to touch up the artwork on your inflatables (choice of 50 different colours and price is approx £1.75 per pot).
36) How to roll up giant inflatables using rope and a special winch (which requires no human effort!)
37) Ballponds! 7 methods to get the balls back into their bags, easily and quickly at the end of the party.
38) Simple techniques to get more referrals for your business.
39) Summing up