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Video Testimonial for the BIHA kindly given by Mr Dave Benson-Phillips (Childrens’ TV Presenter).

Various manufacturers etc. involved in the PIPA Scheme.

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UK Map of BIHA Members (please click on map image to go to actual map)

Map of BIHA members

Bouncy Castle Hire – Are you already involved or want to start in this fun and highly profitable business?

Join the British Inflatable Hirers Alliance (BIHA) (with 1,500+ members) – the UK’s largest trade group, and an “Aladdin’s Cave” for any company involved in inflatable hire.

Based on 14 reviews
Warren Coopey
Warren Coopey
If you run an inflatable hire business- especially if you’re new to the industry- the biha can give you and your company a real boost. A great resource to learn and seek advice from the biha itself and others in the industry. The opportunity to ask questions, share ideas, and learn from those with the experience is worth its weight in gold- making mambrrship a great investment!
George Cottle
George Cottle
• I have had a massive help with building my website and learning about the industry from the BIHA all the information you need to get involved in this industry is on this site. Any questions I’ve had have been answered in the several phone calls I’ve made to mark. He is familiar with my BCN website and has given me advice that has helped my Google ranking go to page one in certain areas. Big thank you to the BIHA.
Simon Tunnicliffe
Simon Tunnicliffe
A valuable resource for all hirers!
First Class Leisure Event & Party Hire
First Class Leisure Event & Party Hire
We have been a member of BIHA for many years we have found the advice to be very helpful and enjoy all the help and advice in the two face book groups, would recommend . We are very proud to display the BIHA logo on our website and all our promotional material and our van and helps to be more professional. Mark is always very helpful and always at the end of the phone.
Antony Sutton
Antony Sutton
The BIHA provided lots of useful information when we started in the industry
Mo Manchester
Mo Manchester
I am a member of the BIHA with my business and the BIHA has helped our business grow from strength to strength. Having the logo on the website makes potential customers feel secure that their booking will be handled by a business associated with a professional body. Being a member has made our bookings more than triple year on year and can only thank the organisation for its help and support. The BIHA has been more than a logo and more of a community that has allowed other hirers to share tips, tricks and safe hire. I will continue to be a member and I am writing this review in good honest faith.



We help owners of bouncy castle hire businesses succeed in every area of their business through regular training, tips and ideas, a lively BIHA Facebook Group and a discussion forum, with over 40,000 posts! The BIHA also sends out regular newsletters (by email), three online directory listings with a valuable back-link to your own website, networking, used inflatables for sale, discounts on PL insurance, discounts on miscellaneous services vital to your business, help with getting your website higher up the search-engine rankings, get more customers by displaying the BIHA logo on your website and other marketing materials and much, much more! We also help the public find an inflatable hire firm in their LOCAL area. Read 5-star reviews

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DISCOUNT of up to 30% on their PL insurance premiums

as well as enjoying £5M cover for the same price as: £1M.

You will need to quote your BIHA membership number to

get your discount. If you’ve lost your number –

please text: 07880 – 540201 quoting your name and

company name, and we’ll text it back to you.

The BIHA, its forum and Facebook Group is a vital resource and online community for bouncy castle hire firms as it helps them run a safer, more professional and profitable business and steers the public, corporates and Local Authorities to find a LOCAL inflatable hire company CLAIM your DISCOUNT (of up to 30%) on your PL insurance and £5 Million cover for the same price as £1 Million. (E.g. One member saved over £300 on his annual PL insurance premiums).

How the BIHA helps Bouncy Castle Hire Companies become more profitable and safer.

The BIHA was launched in December 2000 (with 30 founder member companies) to educate, encourage and excel bouncy castle owners and operators as well as helping customers easily find them online.

This site together with its “sister website” and discussion forum creates a professional and enjoyable environment for BIHA members (now over 1,500) to collaborate and share resources and ideas, get a big DISCOUNT (of up to 30%) on their PL Insurance premiums and learn sound business principles to really succeed in their bouncy castle hire business.

Through the BIHA, bouncy castle hire companies can achieve much more, by sharing information, than they can by going it alone!

The BIHA provides the infrastructure that encourages and supports the sharing of good ideas, expertise, professionalism and safe working practices to the BS EN 14960 Standard, the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and also the PUWER Regs 1998. The BIHA also actively supports the PIPA Scheme for the annual “MOT” testing of inflatables.

The BIHA website is packed with extremely helpful, real-world advice & tips straight from successful inflatable hire company owners & operators.

The BIHA provides you – the operator, with the tools, resources, information (and a whopping discount of up to 30% on your PL insurance and £5M cover for the same price as £1M cover) you need to achieve your dream of running a successful bouncy castle hire (inflatable hire) business without having to learn it the hard way!

The BIHA also aims to promote to the general public, Local Authorities and Corporate clients the benefits of hiring professional inflatable hire companies. (Click here as to why you should choose a BIHA member.).

The BIHA also helps corporate entertainment companies get more bookings throughout the UK and also overseas.

bouncy castle safety

(Please note that although the BIHA is NOT a trade association, there are some similarities in terms of membership benefits and the Code of Ethics )

To see how some of our members have benefited from the BIHA please click here.

***VERY IMPORTANT*** – If you are looking for a bouncy castle hire company for your child’s party or other type of event – please read the following…

Some people planning a party or event make the decision to hire the cheapest bouncy castle they can find in their LOCAL area.

We cannot over-emphasise it enough, but this can be a big mistake if you decide to choose the cheapest bouncy castle hire company that you can find. This is because sometimes (but not always) the cheaper companies will be desperate to cut costs. For example, they may not have adequate (or any!) public liability insurance cover. They may use an old van that is prone to breaking down. They may use old, and possibly even dirty bouncy castles that have lost some of their “bounciness” due to wear over the years. Also, their bouncy castles may not have a current safety certificate. In addition, the owner/operator is less likely to be trained in the correct safety aspects of setting up and inflating a bouncy castle, slide or other type of play inflatable.

How to make sure that you choose a good bouncy castle hire company…

    • If one company is charging a much cheaper hire fee than their competitors – be suspicious. They may still be a good company – but just be aware of the points made above
    • Do they have adequate public liability insurance? £1million is normally considered to be the minimum.
    • Make sure they are a member of the BIHA. Being a member and associated with the BIHA is pretty much the trade standard. All BIHA members are thoroughly educated on the do’s and don’ts of running a safe bouncy castle hire business.
    • At the start of each hire, will they be going through all the essential safety points with a responsible adult? BIHA members have a choice of “tools” to do this e.g. a Terms and Conditions of hire form or a Cartoon Safety Instruction Sheet etc.
    • Don’t forget to also check for any online reviews and customer testimonials that should be clearly displayed on the hire company’s website.
    • Have a good look at the company’s website. (If they have one). A well presented site showcasing attractive and clean inflatables is an indicator that the hire company takes great pride in it’s business.
    • Look at the company’s Facebook Page (If they have one). You can tell a lot about a company by comments made from it’s customers and clients who post on Facebook.
    • The BIHA also aims to promote to all public and corporate clients the benefits of hiring professional inflatable hire companies. (


      • The BIHA also helps its members

    buy or sell a business in the UK

      • by promoting their business on one of the UK’s top “Business for sale websites”.

Click here

    • as to why you should choose a BIHA member.).
    • The BIHA hope you thoroughly enjoy your bouncy castle party and please make sure that the users are properly SUPERVISED by a responsible adult at all times – be safe! For more details please look at the

BIHA Code of Conduct

Are you interested in starting a bouncy castle hire business? Here are some great reasons to Join the BIHA today!

                    • CLAIM your massive DISCOUNT (of up to 30%) on your PL insurance premiums, and get £5 Million cover for the same price as £1 Million cover. (E.g. One member just saved over £300 on his annual PL insurance premiums on 27-3-2012).
                    • Find out the TRUTH about the bouncy castle hire business and receive ongoing relevant information – straight to your email inbox and via the discussion forum.
                    • Meet other bouncy castle owners and operators from all over the UK (and some from overseas!) to find out “what works and what hurts!”
                    • Learn about other lucrative services you can add to your inflatable hire business.
                    • Be challenged to get more customers in 2020, 2021 and beyond.
                    • Get fast help and advice from the bouncy castle discussion forum.
                    • Learn from the mistakes that other bouncy castle hire companies have made in the past.
                    • Get more customers from your listing on this site and our other online directories.
                    • Make the most of your deductions to offset against tax.
                    • Proudly display the BIHA logo shield on your business stationery, vans, website, uniforms etc.
                    • Learn tips from some of the top inflatable hire companies in the UK – for example bouncy castle hire Surrey.
                    • Another example bouncy castle hire Leicester.
                    • We also serve bounce house rental companies in the USA. Here’s one example site bounce house rental Houston.

                  *This site is also built by the highly recommended BouncyCastleNetwork.com

                  • (Official statistics say that 86% to 94% of people looking to hire (e.g a bouncy castle) are more likely to call a company who is a member of a trade organisation – such as the BIHA – Source: Abacus Research 2002 and BMRB 2007).

                  • Become a true Professional inflatable hire company.
                  • Access to “experts” in the industry should you need extra help.
                  • Notification of “used inflatables” for sale, and special offers etc. from manufacturers.
                  • Discount on your public liability insurance premiums.
                  • Discount on your Yellow Pages advertising.
                  • Templates, disclaimers, Terms and Conditions of Hire forms, safety cartoon sheets, Risk Assessments etc. can be downloaded by members 24/7.
                  • FREE 30-day trial.
                  • This BIHA website has authority and trust. This means that when we add your web link to the BIHA site – it will help your overall SEO – so you should get more enquiries and bookings.


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      Bouncy Castle Weather Conditions

      Weather Conditions Sheet (Designed by BouncyCastleNetwork.com)

      Bouncy castle weather sheet

      Bouncy castle weather sheet

PIPA Scheme
PIPA Scheme
  • The BIHA recommends that you invest in as high quality website as you can afford.

and here are some excellent examples of websites in the inflatable hire industry:

Bouncy castle hire Croydon

bouncy castle hire Wolverhampton

bouncy castle hire Dudley

bouncy castle hire Walsall

Bouncy Castle hire Grimsby

Bouncy castle hire Northampton

Bouncy Castle Hire Gravesend

Bouncy Castle Hire Dartford

Bouncy castle hire Surrey

Bouncy castle hire Glasgow

Bouncy castle hire Littlehampton

Bouncy castle hire Chistlehurst

Bouncy castle hire Orpington

Bouncy castle hire Gravesend

Bouncy castle hire Blackfen

Bouncy castle hire Gloucester

Bouncy castle hire Cheltenham

Bouncy castle hire Tewkesbury

Bouncy castle hire Forest of Dean

Bouncy castle hire Hereford

Bouncy castle hire Worcester

Bouncy castle hire Stroud

Bouncy castle hire Worthing

Bouncy castle hire Skipton

Bouncy Castle Hire West Midlands

Bouncy Castle Hire Basildon

Bouncy Castle Hire Billericay

Bouncy castle hire Glasgow

Bouncy castle hire Reading

Bouncy castle hire Bognor

Bouncy castle hire Romford

Bouncy castle hire York

Bouncy Castle Hire Sidcup

Bouncy Castle Hire Dartford

Bouncy Castle Hire Scunthorpe

Bouncy castle hire Doncaster

Bouncy castle hire Chelmsford

Inflatable slide Chelmsford

Disco dome hire Chelmsford

Bouncy castle hire Gainsborough

Bouncy castle hire Pembrokeshire


Bouncy castle hire Rotherham

Bouncy castle hire Chelmsford


Bouncy castle hire Luton

Bouncy castle hire Hitchin

Bouncy castle hire Letchworth

Bouncy castle hire Biggleswade

Bouncy castle hire Stevenage

Bouncy castle hire Bedford

Bouncy castle hire Milton Keynes

Bouncy castle hire Newcastle

Bouncy castle hire Norwich

Bouncy castle hire Wolverhampton

Bouncy castle hire Dudley

Bouncy castle hire Birmingham

Bouncy castle hire Dartford

Soft play hire Dartford

Bouncy castle hire Bexley

Childrens bouncy castles Chelmsford

Adult bouncy castles Chelmsford

Bouncy castle hire Witham

Bouncy castle hire Burton-upon-Trent

Bouncy castle hire Stockport

Bouncy castle hire Manchester

Bouncy castle hire Huddersfield

Bounce House Rental Richmond, Texas

Bounce House Rental Anaheim

Bouncy castle hire Epsom

Bouncy castle hire Bath

Bouncy castle hire Dublin

Bouncy castle hire Birmingham

Bouncy castle hire Swansea

Bouncy castle hire Leicester

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JOIN THE BIHA TODAY via PAYPAL – Just £35 per year.

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