Member Benefits

BIHA membership fees are less than £1 per week if you subscribe via standing order.  (This is fully 100% tax-deductible)

Here are some of the main benefits of BIHA membership…….

1) Access to a lively BIHA Facebook Group with over 4,300 users – see:


1a)  Access to a BIHA members-only Facebook Group – See:


2) Access to a discussion forum at:   (Please note that this once very lively forum has now been all but replaced by the BIHA Facebook Group but there are still over 41,000 posts on there going back to 2008)


3) Access to numerous profit tips, strategies and ideas etc. in the “members-only” area of and on: to help you increase cash-flow, turnover and profits in your hire business,  and improve enjoyment and fun etc.


4)  Numerous Safety tips – and also we have a “Code of Ethics”  at:  to help educate customers towards safety.


5) Licence to use the BIHA logo on your website, business cards, flyers, vans, uniforms and other marketing materials.  This will help you attract more customers, because it’s a “TRUST BADGE”.  The more your potential customers trust your website etc. then the more bookings you should get – FACT!


6) Articles to help you TRANSFORM your inflatable hire business –  e.g. see:


7) Get your hire business listed on TWO national online bouncy castle hire directories including a valuable BACK-LINK to your own website.  (This helps improve your Google rankings!)


a) Google Map See:

b) BIHA online – members directory. See:


8) Discounts on your public liability insurance premiums of 5% and also enjoy a LOWER excess (You just need to quote your BIHA membership number on their online quote form).


9) Occasional newsletters and alerts via email  – including the popular  “Spotlight on an Inflatable Hire Company”   e.g.    and also:


10)  We also offer a low-cost CONTENT WRITING AND SEO service to get your website to the top of GOOGLE for your town or local area. (This is on a first-come-first-served basis) See:


11)  You can also download essential documents and templates  e.g.  Risk assessments, disclaimers, Terms and Conditions of Hire, Method Statements, safety cartoon sheets, etc. etc.


12)  We can also create a FREE (or low-cost) promotional video for your hire business  e.g.


13) In the very unlikely event of an insurance claim then the BIHA may be able to assist you.


14)  In 2004, (when PLI was very expensive) the BIHA was solely responsible for locating a low-cost PL insurance provider which reduced PLI premiums by nearly 50% ACROSS THE WHOLE INDUSTRY, not just for BIHA members!


15)  BIHA Van stickers  (A4 size) which are just £2 each.


16)  ENTERTAINMENT – Although safety awareness and profit tips are extremely important.  The BIHA also has a strong entertainment element to it.


17)  Access to me  (Mark Jerram)  I have 31 years’  experience in the inflatable hire industry and in addition, I am an award-winning SEO consultant, and can help you get your website to the top of Google (if this interests you, depending on availability of your town or city).  A highly ranked website in Google = More bookings for you!!!


18)  It’s a basic human need to be part of an organisation that is bigger than ourselves.  Running an inflatable hire business can be quite lonely.  However, with the BIHA, because you are connecting with “like-minded people”, you can never be alone!!  You can make new friends, bounce ideas off other people, or just go into the BIHA Facebook Groups for a chat!


19)  There are always opportunities to buy and sell used inflatables and accessories etc. from other members.


20) Discounts with various manufacturers   (e.g. Gala Tent are offering a 10% discount on their marquees and party tents to BIHA members)


21) Very large discounts on Yellow Pages advertising via their “Corporate Advertising Scheme” (CAS).  E.g. instead of paying around £300 per year for an advert you pay approx. £40.  (Saving around £260 per year!)


22)  We can also offer FREE legal advice via third party solicitors.


23)  How to get your website ranking much higher in the search engines to help you get more customers.  Also see:


All these membership benefits for under £1 per week, and you get full tax relief.   It’s an amazing return on your investment!


Please also see some reviews of the BIHA at:   and some video reviews at:    (BIHA Facebook Group) (BIHA “Members Only” Facebook Group) (PRIVATE discussion forum for the inflatable hire industry) (Get more content for your hire business website and rank higher in Google)

JOIN THE BIHA TODAY via PAYPAL – Just £35 per year.

Or Join Now by Direct Debit £35 Per Year 

or alternatively for £2.99 per month         

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If you would like to join the BIHA then please request an information pack and we will rush one out to you by first class post.

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With over 2,000 members at present, one of the biggest benefits of joining the BIHA is the camaraderie our members enjoy from belonging to an organization of fellow inflatable hire companies and enthusiasts!. Whether that camaraderie is generated by the exchange of emails or phone calls or communicating online via the discussion forum at, or reading the latest BIHA Tip of the Week, alert or newsletter, it is the fellowship of our members that strikes a consistent, rewarding chord.

Many members enjoy the “feel” and the extra security of being part of a large organization, and getting that “belonging” feeling. We are now in times of insecurity and uncertainty and this benefit should not be overlooked. Members know that they are not isolated when they may be facing problems e.g. PL insurance issues.

Membership fees are just £49.97 per year (or alternatively £35 per year or £2.99 per month (if paid by standing order – which is similar to a direct debit, with the first month free)

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a) To provide an effective & efficient central source of information to both the public & the industry.

b) To encourage good standards of working practice within the industry.

c) To provide assistance to the public (and other inflatable hire companies) for sourcing an appropriate service provider.

d) To provide a discussion forum for the interchange of ideas & developments within the industry.

Membership of the BIHA adds credibility to inflatable hire businesses and gives them an opportunity to voice views on issues affecting the industry to people who have a vested interest in ensuring that the industry goes from strength to strength.

If you are involved in the inflatable hire industry, then the BIHA is for you.

Request our information pack and find out how being a BIHA member will benefit your business, and how you in turn, by supporting the BIHA can further improve the future of our own industry, and thereby your own business.


In an ever competitive market-place, membership of a trade organisation, such as the BIHA, will give you a business advantage over a competitor who does not have this endorsement.

The public is increasingly aware of the advantages in choosing a company who demonstrates its standards by agreeing to adhere to a Code of Ethics, which is an important part of the committment which a business makes when it joins its sector’s main trade organisation.

Being a member of the BIHA means you are committed to:

1) Maintaining standards.

2) Keeping in touch with what is new in the industry.

3) Ensuring that you are aware of good practice and committed to follow it.

4) Aware that it is in the best interests of everyone that the industry has a good reputation based on a service to the customer.

5) Seek to continually improve the quality and professionalism of your business to the benefit of your customers.

JOIN THE BIHA TODAY via PAYPAL – Just £35 per year.

Or Join Now by Direct Debit £35 Per Year 

or alternatively for £2.99 per month         

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