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Here’s a SAMPLE……
Hi to all BIHA members,
The BIHA Profit tip this week is a result of a recent phone conversation that I had with a BIHA member.
We were discussing how he could grow his business and move into the lucrative corporate hire events market – but he didn’t have any investment funds available and also he didn’t want to take out a loan to buy the hire equipment.
We decided that the best course of action for him was to “sub-contract” to a much bigger hire company in his local area.
That way, he could legitimately advertise rodeo bulls, mega-slides and wipe-outs etc. on his website, (even though he didn’t own them) and then take a commission when he got a booking for them.
Back in 2000, when I used to hire out marquees (as well as inflatables), sometimes I would get a booking for a very large wedding-style marquee for 200+ people (which I didn’t own). Rather than turn the booking away, saying that I couldn’t help, I would check availability, and then book the customer in or refer them to a company that could supply very large marquees. E.g. On just one job, I picked up a very nice commission cheque for £250.
So, if you are currently a small inflatable hire company and you want to quickly increase your profits and / or “test the water” before expanding into the lucrative corporate and event side of things – then consider “sub-contracting” to a much larger hire company in your local area.
It’s a win-win situation. They get bookings for their hire equipment (which they might not otherwise have got) and you get a commission payment for very little work.
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