The new BIHA “virtual” shop (still under construction) has additional products and services in order to enhance your membership experience….

1) BIHA Van Stickers (A4 size and transparent) £2 each (Postage and packing £2 for up to 4 stickers)

2) SEO Services. £5 per month per keyword phrase – with a minimum of £10 per month for TWO keyword phrases (e.g. “Bouncy castle + name of your town” would be one keyword phrase. See: and also and for more info.) PLEASE NOTE: This SEO service is not available for non-members. Also, you need to have a website with (BCN)

4) Paperbook Books to help you make more profits in the inflatable hire industry.

bouncy castle hire book

To buy this book from Amazon. Please click here.

bouncy castle hire book

The World's Most Incredible Bouncy Castle Hire Stories

The World’s Most Incredible Bouncy Castle Hire Stories

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