Xtreme Tip 1

Preparing your business for the Winter and how you can get extra bookings in halls.

1) Firstly, don’t forget to CLAIM your free “Google My Business” Listing so that Google puts you at the top of the page for your local area.

See: http://bit.ly/1qfjE5z This will help your customers find you more easily, when they search Google.

Also, don’t forget to CLAIM your FREE business listings on 25 UK online business directories. They all provide Google backlinks for free.

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2) Contact the caretakers of your local community halls etc. and remind them that you provide inflatables for indoors.
3) Make sure that your inflatables are 100% dry before you store them away for the winter. Perhaps consider hiring a warm hall to inflate them in order to dry them out. This could have a double whammy benefit as it will also enable you to connect with the Caretaker who can then see your inflatables in the flesh.
4) As mentioned last week, as we get firmly into the off-peak season don’t forget to sprinkle talcum powder inside your inflatables if you plan to store them for the winter, but only apply to a completely dry unit! This helps to keep mould away and keeps the material fresh and smelling nice. It is essential that your inflatables are stored completely dry to prevent the build-up of mould and any unsightly rainwater stains which can become permanent :-((
5) Consider adding a 20% off all indoor hires discount voucher to your website. Make it very prominent.
6) Contact all the customers who used you last winter and ask them if they want to use your services again.
7) Winter-Proof your vans. E.g. Winter tyres, checking and topping up the anti-freeze etc.
8) Try to heavily promote your indoor hire products to your customers e.g. didi cars www.didicar.co.uk as mentioned earlier this month.
9) Look carefully at your website. Where are you positioned in Google? Can you add more content which should help push you up the rankings. Are you on the BIHA / Google Map? http://bit.ly/1uDQ0Ku
Does your website create a “wow factor” when your prospective customers land on it?
10) Don’t forget that you have thousands of pounds worth of high-tech camera equipment and microphone built right inside your iPhone or other smart phone.

Use it to take video of your inflatables in action, upload to YouTube, and then post this video on your website, Facebook Page, Twitter Page or your blog.

I was at a Pink Floyd Tribute live gig last night and took the following video using my iPhone 5.

Uploading videos of your inflatables in action to YouTube (via your smart phone) takes about TWO minutes once you have registered for a free YouTube account.

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