Member Benefits

Being a fully paid member of the BIHA entitles you to the following services which are aimed to help your business thrive and help you when you have an industry related problem or issue.

As soon as your membership is live, you can take advantage of the following benefits….

1) Advice on how to operate legally.
2) Ongoing ideas, insider secrets and tips to help your hire business make more profits.
3) Enjoy a discount of up to 30% off the cost of your Public Liability Insurance premiums with
4) Access to must have hire templates such as Disclaimers, risk-assessments, Terms and conditions of hire, method statement, cartoon safety sheets etc.
5) 24/7 access to a lively PRIVATE discussion forum at our sister site at:
6) Permission to display the BIHA logo shield on all your business stationery, and your website and van etc. Increase your professionalism in the eyes of your customers and prospects.
7) Receive “world-class” training and support on how to run a more successful and safer inflatable hire business.
8) Enjoy occasional discounts with manufacturers and suppliers of inflatables and accessories etc.
9) Get your hire business listed on two national bouncy castle hire directories (including a FREE link to your own website) and get noticed by people and companies wanting to hire a bouncy castle or other type of play inflatable for their party or event.
10) Every Saturday, you will receive a BIHA Tip of the Week. These are “game-changing” bite-sized ideas, which can quickly help you make more profits.
11) Access to Used Inflatables and accessories at low, low prices!
12) Referral network – to help you get more customers for your hire business.
13) Comprehensive list of useful contacts e.g. Manufacturers, other hirers, repairers, testers etc.
14) Entertainment – e.g. Real-life hire stories, Spot light on an inflatable hire company etc.
15) Free SEO check-up. Help Google to love your website more and rank you higher in its search engine.
16) and much more….

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