Xtreme Tip 4

12 words to reassure your customers that you will turn up!

When someone books an inflatable to hire from you, whether it is for a small back-garden party for half a dozen children or a massive event with thousands of people, one of the concerns at the back of the organiser’s mind is: “Will the inflatables turn up on the big day??


In 2010 I received two complaints from organisers of big events informing me that the inflatables didn’t arrive as promised.


One event which was badly let down had around 500 children attending – apparently all with special needs.


Unfortunately, sometimes situations happen which are beyond our control, e.g. If you (or your driver) breaks down on the motorway, or you are ill, then there is a possibility that the customer could be let down.


Not only will you lose the booking fee, but also there is the risk that the customer will go and tell all their friends and contacts about it. Worst-case scenario, it may even hit the local press which can cause permanent damage to the company’s reputation.


To reduce the risk of this happening, it is a good idea to have (especially on busy delivery days), a spare inflatable, and even a back-up driver and van (or access to a backup driver and van) at a moment’s notice in case of break-down or illness/incapacity.


If you have the resources or contacts to this, then TELL YOUR CUSTOMERS, (If not, then work out an arrangement with your competitors so that they can cover your back and vice versa in the event of an emergency).


HERE ARE THE 12 MAGIC WORDS WHICH CAN PUT YOUR CUSTOMERS MINDS AT REST “We have back-up equipment, vans and drivers available in case of emergencies”


Write this on your flyers, your website, your business cards, your van, uniforms, everywhere! Even tell them verbally. It will help reassure your customers that you will turn up.


Also, for new customers they are more likely to book you as opposed to one of your competitors, if you tell them this.

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