Beware of large curtains in halls

Many halls and community centres have large curtains which hang down from the windows. Unfortunately, the blower for the inflatable is often placed near the bottom of the curtain. During the party the bottom of the curtain can sometimes be sucked up and block the vent on the side of the blower. Result: the blower cannot suck in any air and blow it into the inflatable, and the inflatable slowly deflates. If this problem is not remedied quickly, it can mean that the inflatable is not useable for the remainder of the party, meaning lots of disappointed children!

In addition, this problem can cause the blower to overheat and become damaged.

To prevent this problem from ever occuring, ensure that the blower is positioned well away from any long curtains, or alternatively, tie the curtains back so that they don’t risk smothering the vent on the blower.


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