BIHA Statement on the Sam Harris Case (Mentioned in National Media)

Following on from the High Court ruling about the tragic case of Sam Harris – please click on the link below for more information regarding this case and a statement from the BIHA.

The official BIHA ruling in case anyone wants to quote it to their local media is as follows:

Bouncy castles are extremely safe for children to play on so long as precautions are taken such as continuous supervision.

This accident, although tragic, is extremely rare as demonstrated by the fact that there are approx. 1 Million bouncy castle hires in the UK, and this is very much a one off incident.

Parents who hire bouncy castles should normally be covered by their household insurance policy (Home contents), although it is wise to check the details to find out exactly what is covered, and contact their insurance company if they are in any doubt.

Operators should carry adequate Public Liability Insurance cover (Minimum £1 million) in case of faulty equipment.

To put this incident into context, according to RoSPA figures, in 2002, there were almost 4 times as many accidents on trampolines as there were on bouncy castles.

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Posted by the BIHA on 9th May 2008