Bouncy Castle Macbeth (Part 2)

This is the second article on which looks at the hilarious practice of performing a Shakespeare play on a bouncy castle.

Below is some questions put to the organisers:

WHY on Earth are you doing Macbeth on a bouncy castle?

Because we can! Er, it’s sort of to do with the blurry comedy/tragedy line. All the tragic Shakespearean plays have this grain of comedy inside them… although it’s actually got a lot more farcical than that.
Why should people come and see your show?

Well, it’s fairly hilarious. We have a forest made of inflatable palm trees which Macbeth and Macduff beat each other with at the end. We have a troop of jumping monks who chant at exciting moments. At one point Lady Macbeth uses the wall of the castle as a padded cell. It’s all quite exciting.
Does the novelty not wear thin quite quickly?

It can, yes. This was one of the things that caught us out a bit last year [when the company’s Bouncy Castle Hamlet was rewarded with a withering one-star review from The Scotsman]. It’s just a matter of finding new, exciting ways to use it. This year we have Macbeth breaking the crossbar down and abusing it in various ways, and people leaping over the back wall.
Aren’t exits and entrances a bit of a problem?

They really are, yes. When people enter, the actors already on stage tend to fall over.
How does performing Bouncy Castle Macbeth compare to Bouncy Castle Hamlet?

Macbeth has a great deal more action in it, which makes it easier. It’s also a lot shorter so it’s been easier to cut to a length more congenial to an Edinburgh Fringe audience.
Isn’t it dangerous, running around on a bouncy castle with those pointy swords?

This year we’re using inflatable swords, so that’s a bit safer. Last year we had terrifying wooden swords, and one of the reviewers was so terrified that she left the number of a reliable fight choreographer at the desk.
Do you fear the curse of the Scottish play?

Oh yes! At early stages we were considering making the castle start to deflate any time somebody said the word Macbeth, but we thought that might be tempting fate a little too much.
Any other Bouncy Castle Shakespeares planned?

We might move away from Shakespeare next year. I had the idea of doing Oedipus Rex with hilarious masks. It’s still up in the air, but we’ll be back!

• Bouncy Castle Macbeth is at Rocket@ Demarco Roxy Art House until 18 August 2007.