Hiring a Bouncy Castle for Adults

Adult bouncy castles are a winner at adult parties. This article has a few ideas on how hire of an adult bouncy castle for your event could add an extra dimension of fun.

How did it all start?

Bouncy castles were the brain child of a group of university students in UK who thought that they could be used for fund raising events. Today people hire bouncy castles for all sorts of occasions: fundraisers, weddings, birthday parties, fairs and festivals and balls, proving that bouncy castles are popular with adults and children alike.

Size and variation

You will find that adult bouncy castles will be much larger than those designed for children. A 3.6 meter x 3.6 meter bouncy castle is usually enough for a party for children, but you should hire at least a 4-5 meter square bouncy castle if you are looking for a conventional adult bouncy castle. There is variation in design too. Adult bouncy castles can incorporate small swimming pools with a slide and a fountain. Another type incorporates two lane bungee runs where you have to chase to the end of the run against the pull of the elastic. Yes, I know, sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Hire an adult bouncy castle for your event:

1. Corporate events: Bouncy castles are great fun at parties for clients or employees. Release the big kid in the adult!

2. Student balls: Adult bouncy castles are always a favourite at end of term balls and parties when everyone is really going to let their hair down.

3. Weddings: when are you going to have more reason to jump for joy? Summer weddings with an adult bouncy castle are a proven winner.

4. Fundraisers: the key to a good fundraiser is to get people to enjoy themselves and get them giving at the same time. Adult bouncy castles are ideal for instilling a sense of fun in the proceedings which makes for a more giving crowd.

5. Festivals and fairs: depending on the tone of your event, consider hiring an adult bouncy castle for your visitors. Bouncy castles at music festivals are very common.


When you hire and adult bouncy castle you may have some safety concerns. If so, take these up with the adult bouncy castle hire company.

The hire company will provide a supervisor for the bouncy castle, so someone will always been on hand to make sure that your party goers don’t get too carried away.

As you can imagine, adult bouncy castles made available for hire are designed to take a greater pounding than those designed for children. The beds on adult bouncy castles are higher and are reinforced internally to cope with the load of adults.

All the safety tips mentioned on this site apply equally to hire of an adult bouncy castle as they do for hire of bouncy castles for children, so please refer to these before you make your hire.

Author: Stephen Turner http://www.bouncycastle-web.com