How to quickly raise £2,000+ to start your inflatable hire business

Many people would love to start up an inflatable hire business, but they do not have the necessary capital to invest in two or three 12ft x 12ft bouncy castles to get the ball rolling.

However, there is a way to raise this capital quickly and easily.   It has been estimated that the average household has £2,000 – £3,000 worth of unwanted junk and possessions that could be sold on eBay.  ( )

Examples are old books, bicycles, household items, old post-cards, toys, stamps, DVD’s, CD’s, PS2 games, old mobiles, etc. etc.   Have a good rummage around your house including your loft and / or cellar, and you are bound to find stuff that you don’t want but someone on eBay will happily pay good money for.

If you get a bit stuck for stuff to sell on eBay, ask your friends and relatives if they can help.  They may well have unwanted stuff that they will be more than willing to let you have to sell on eBay.  It helps them clear the clutter in their house!  You could also give them some commission for everything belonging to them that sells.

By using both of these ideas, you should find that you get enough money to invest in your first bouncy castles.

Mark Jerram    29-10-2007

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