How to remove old phone numbers from bouncy castles

Many inflatable manufacturers provide a free service to their customers by painting their phone numbers on their brand new inflatables. This is a great idea as it can increase dramatically the number of bookings and referrals from other people seeing the inflatable. However, if the owner decides to sell their inflatable, it causes a problem as now the new owner has to replace the old phone number (ideally with their own).

Here are some ways that this can be done……

You could try using cellulose paint thinners (neat) to remove this wrong phone number. If that does not work try painting over it.

A drastic measure is to actually cut the wrong phone number out and then replace it (i.e. re-stitch it) with a piece of vinyl with your correct phone number on.

This may give the most professional result if the other two methods don’t work.

Please speak to your local manufacturer / repairer who may be able to help.

Prepared by Mark Jerram 22-8-2007

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