How to remove Party Popper Dye from Bouncy Castles

Subject: Party Popper Dye Removal.

Please note that this is not a general cleaning product.

So it looks like you might have a problem with the bleeding dye from Party Poppers or something similar………

please read on and also take a look at the image posted in the pictures section where an example of treatment. You need to be aware that my product is not a general use cleaner but is suited for removal of isolated Party Popper stains, face paints, some Inks and also treats mould in smaller areas.

Mould for example is commonly a more general widespread problem and often is showing through from the inside of the unit over large areas which makes treatment much more difficult. IMPORTANT The first thing is don’t try to remove the stain by anything other than water based products (which won’t work anyway – but no doubt it maybe too late as most people will try various options first then seek advice, myself included).

If you attempt to remove the stain by thinners or other chemicals the dye will be made more permanent / fast, known in the trade as ”fixing”. If this is the case it will take longer to get results from my solution and it won’t be 100% successful but should reduce the damage by about 90% on the bleeding of fixed colours, but will continue to fade over an extended period of time as well.

Fixed Party Popper stains will take 4/5 times longer as a process. Non ”fixed” party popper dye will be removed fully in about an hour. See my picture in the pictures section within the BIHA board. The whole sample was deliberately stained and then half was masked off and then the other half treated. The difference between the treated half and the non treated half is obvious. COST I can supply 30mls for £5 and £1 for every extra 10mls, if required, supplied with instructions for use & gloves. Post & packing is £0.70.

It is sold in small quantities because you don’t need a lot to remove the Party Popper stain if treated without any other attempt being made with spirit based liquids. No special precautions need to be taken other than the ones you would normally take if using any strong household cleaning products like gloves and old clothing or overalls. Use in an airy place but not in direct sunlight as this dries the solution too quickly. More guidelines will be with the product.

It is not a quick fix product as these Party Popper dyes are the demon of all inflatables. The process takes about an hour but to apply it is very quick – it takes less than five mins and will normally remove the Party Popper Dye, as I said, in about an hour but longer if the dye has been exposed to any spirit based cleaner. e-mail Ian on: