Importance of Deleting Inaccurate Online Information

Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than searching for your business phone number only to discover that it is disconnected. This gives them the impression that you either went out of business or you neglected to update your online profiles.

If you’re still in fact “in business,” this will definitely cripple your ability to connect with local potential customers.

Anytime you move to a new location or change phone numbers, be sure to take the time to update all your online listings. Do not forget about social media outlets, your website (of course), and any other online properties attached to your brand.

Consumers will appreciate the fact that you took the time to do this because it will save them time when searching for your business details.

It is equally important to delete any duplicate listings for your business that are not being used. Instead of leaving them there, remove them so no one else can snag them and use your brand for their own benefits. This is an open bag opportunity for your online reputation to be destroyed.

Duplicate, dormant, and inaccurate online information can cause your business to appear unprofessional. As a result, many consumers will move past your business and choose a competitor instead.

So while it may seem like a small thing, leaving things the way they are can have a very negative impact on your online reputation. It is easy enough to take care of, so it is highly suggested that you always keep business information current and relevant.