Keep your customers informed during the booking process

Here is an idea that will re-assure your customers that you will deliver on the day.   If you have ever bought a book from Amazon or a PC from Dell, you will notice that  they keep you informed (usually via email) about every stage of the ordering process right through to the day of the delivery.  This is outstanding customer service and is one reason why these 2 companies have grown so successful and their brands are so popular.  One BIHA member has decided to “copy” this idea, and tells their customeras that they will keep in contact  throughout the booking process so that the customer feels confident that the inflatable will be delivered as promised.

The instant communication devices we have nowadays (e.g. email. texting, free mobile phone calls) makes this idea much easier to implement and your customers will love you for it!    You are also more likely to get referrals as your customers will perceive that you have offered outstanding customer service.

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