WARNING – Toy Bouncy Castles

It has come to our attention that there are bouncy castle operators working in this area who are hiring out toy bouncy castles rather than the real thing. These castles are made of a nylon material and are inflated by a little blower which is not much bigger than a hair dryer! They tend to sag rather than bounce and are definitely not up to entertaining a horde of excited children! Typically they are being hired out slightly cheaper than proper castles even though they cost just a fraction as much to buy. One final point is that they are manufactured to a different set of standards, the packaging would clearly state that they are not suitable for hire and if the operator was insured against public liability then the policy would be invalidated because the equipment is not suitable. Please be aware and choose who / where you hire from carefully! Our castles are the proper commercial type, they are regularly cleaned and maintained, and they pass annual safety inspections.

Bouncy castle operators are free to use this short article on their websites and literature to warn the public that they must not be hiring out these “toy” bouncy castles.