Why it is easier to run an inflatable hire business in the 21st Century

Why it is easier to run an inflatable hire business in the 21st Century.

There are many opportunities around nowadays that were just not available before 2000 (or if they were they were incredibly expensive).

Examples are:

1) The internet. Customers can find inflatable hire companies much easier and quicker now thanks to the internet.

2) Sat Nav devices make finding customers premises that much easier.

3) Mobile phone communications are now much cheaper than they used to be, and also texting has become much more popular, and in many cases is free.

4) Customers can be contacted at regular intervals (e.g. quarterly) by email which is virtually free of charge.

5) Many websites have sprung up which can help inflatable hire companies find venues (e.g. www.streetmap.co.uk )

6) Google Earth can help show a hire company whereabouts their inflatable can be set up, before they travel to the booking.

7) The cost of buying inflatables and the cost of buying PL insurance has come down since 2000.

8) Other technology (e.g. the low cost of having a website built and easy to use Windows software) that makes running a hire business easier than in the 20th century.

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