How to beat the problem of wet weather once and for all

A problem with hiring out bouncy castles in the UK is the unpredictable weather! A heavy rain shower can mean that both the bouncer and the children get wet, the enjoyment is reduced. (Although the guidelines says that bouncy castles should NOT be used in the rain, in practice this is difficult to enforce especially where there is a dozen or more excited children at the party.

Fortunately most modern bouncy castles come with rain covers (or shower covers) already attached, but during a heavy shower are often inadequate. How many times have you collected a bouncy castle from a customers house, only to find that it is soaking wet. It then becomes a bit of a nightmare to try and get as much water off it as possible (both inside and out!) A further problem arises when you tryto lift it into your van or trailer – it is alot heavier with all that rainwater inside. You also have the additional hassle of trying to dry it out before your next hire, and ensuring that if the inflatable is going into temporary storage if it is at the end of the season, then the rainwater inside does not cause it to rot or be stained.

Fortunately, there is a solution to these problems. It takes just 5 – 10 minutes to set up (at the beginning of the hire) and ensures that the children stay almost 100% dry when they are using the bouncy castle (even during a heavy shower!) Please note that this superb idea does NOT involve marquees or party tents!

Another aspect of this idea is to show you how to stop rainwater getting in to the insides of the inflatable which can over time cause it to rot especially if it is put into storage whilst still wet.

In addition, this idea is a great contribution to the safety of the children and users.

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