The World’s most profitable hire product?

In early 2001, one of our members gave the BIHA a simple but brilliant idea to dramatically increase all our profits. It is by far the best idea that we have ever seen. It is totally unique and only a tiny percentage of inflatable hirers (outside the BIHA) actually know about it. As founder of the BIHA, I was given the privilege of testing this idea out on my customers in the summer of 2001. To my surprise, the results were far better than I ever imagined. My cash-flow and profits increased dramatically and it involved virtually no extra work. (On some occasions, I simply asked the customer to set it up – which took them less than a minute and gave them something to do whilst I was busy setting up the inflatable!)
This is the testimony of the originator of this idea (Dennis Emery)

“I buy a small, simple hire product for about £20 – £30, (although I could easily make it myself for about £10). I then deliver this product to my customers at the same time as the bouncy castle. A large proportion of my customers eagerly want this simple product at their child’s party, and they are more than happy to pay me an extra £10 – £20 in addition to the normal hire fee for the bouncy castle. (Imagine earning an extra £10 – £20 per booking for no extra work!!) I own 20 of these simple products; they only take up a tiny amount of space in my van. (I keep all of them in a standard cardboard box). They are very lightweight and portable, and completely 100% safe. It takes less than 30 seconds to set it up for the customer. They can never wear out, are virtually indestructible and best of all, they can be hired out to your customers over and over again for many years. Also, my customers are so thrilled with this add-on hire product that I get truckloads of referrals as well!”

BIHA Note: This product must be the world’s most profitable hire product. How many other products can you think of which would generate a hire charge of £10 – £20 per day, for many years and yet only cost about £30 to buy? Please note that this product has nothing to do with giant garden games (which are also a good money earner), or with any toys, candyfloss machines, or inflatable devices or indeed with anything which you have seen before!!

When you become a member of the BIHA, you will be given full details of this amazing, but simple hire product, and list of suppliers in your free reports.