19 Free Ways to advertise your bouncy castle hire business

1. Thompsons local

2. BIHA Website

3. Free websites (e.g. freeindex.co.uk )

4. Referrals from customers

5. Press releases

6. Search engines esp. Goggle + yahoo

7. Write a testimonial or an endorsement for a related product.

8. Join the industry discussion forum at: www.BouncyCastleOwner.com – (but don’t be too blatant with any advertising, but you can add your website address in your signature file.

9. Get all your vans & cars sign-written

10. Stick a display board outside your house or work premises.

11. Get a website and advertise it everywhere (e.g. on your business cards)

12. Write a booklet (e.g about the history of your town) give it away / or sell it cheap + include your ad at the back.

13. Similar to idea No.12, get several companies to sponsor an ad in the local press. You organise it, and give yourself a free advert in the process.

14. Organise a sponsored charity event (you could put event sponsored by (your company)

15. Send an email out to all your customers. This is free of charge- it wont even cost you a stamp!!

16. Ask your local nursery, playgroup schools,college etc if they will put your advert up in their public area—- let them house a free hire of and inflatables as a way of saying “Thank you”

17. Do reciprocal links on your website (i.e get free advertising on the other people’s websites!!)

18. Some public places (e.g libraries, supermarkets, churches,etc) will let you advertise your business free of charge.

19. Ask your friends and relatives etc to speak to their friends about your hire company.

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Prepared by Mark Jerram. BIHA Copyright 2000 – 2014 www.biha.org.uk

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