Bouncy Castles – A Goldmine?

Title: Bouncy Castles – A Goldmine?

Author: Steve Carter


One of the many questions that people ask themselves when thinking of either starting their own business, or earning extra income, is what offers the best opportunity? With so many different opportunities, finding one that is relatively easy, inexpensive and worthwhile can be difficult. However, one area that all these and more are covered in, and offers a potential goldmine into the bargain, is a bouncy castle.

Think about it – walk into any park today, or stroll along any seaside resort beach, or even something like a church fete, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to see a bouncy castle full of children enjoying themselves. And it’s not just public places either – bouncy castles are becoming more popular for children’s private birthday parties as well.

How Do I Start?

Depending on whether you wish to make it a part-time business or a hobby will determine whether you buy or rent a bouncy castle.

The good news is that both options are relatively inexpensive, although if you’re planning to be in this for the long-term, it obviously makes more sense to buy a bouncy castle than rent.

With prices starting from as little as £400 for a second-hand model, to £700 for a brand new one, you can see why a bouncy castle small business can be such a goldmine. When you take into account that you could feasibly earn up to £400 in a single day, your investment will soon be made back. Even hiring a bouncy castle is only on average £55, so you’re not going to lose out either way, and hiring one is also a good way to test the water first.

Get Yourself Noticed

Everyone loves bouncy castles – kids love them for the sheer fun they offer, and parents appreciate the fact that it will keep their children entertained for a relatively small cost.

Therefore, if you want to increase your chances of success, advertise your service in the most relevant places.

Get business cards and flyers printed up, and start to leave them in places where children are most likely to visit. Ask toyshop owners if you can put a flyer up on their door, or a business card. Swimming pool advertising boards are another great place, with not only parents taking their children there but schools using them as well. And don’t forget, your local paper will let you advertise for a modest fee.

Get Out There And Have Fun

Now that you’ve bought or rented your bouncy castle, and you’ve advertised, it’s time to start making your money back. The great thing about bouncy castles is that they’re pretty low maintenance, so you can afford to charge reasonably low prices for the use of it. Even charging as low as £1 for fifteen minutes will soon see your cost for the day made back. And by charging as low as this, parents will be happy to let their kids go on time and time again. And like the best businesses that start small then turn into goldmines for the owners, repeat business is where you’ll reap the rewards. So, what are you waiting for – get out there and enjoy yourself!

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