Using inflatables for advertising purposes

People advertise in many different ways to attract a specific audience. Some of them use TV and radio broadcasts, some- newspapers, others- billboards and neon lights. But advertising inflatables are gaining popularity in the business world. Advertising using inflatables can be cheaper than any other way to show to the world. Many small firms with low advertising budgets prefer using advertising inflatables, as they are relaively inexpensive to hire…and, what is more, they WORK!

The basic advantage of hiring in advertising inflatables is that ALL PEOPLE will see your advertisement. People passing by and people in their cars may like your advertising inflatable or balloon and eventually get interested in your firm or in the service that you offer.

Before starting to advertise using inflatables, you should consider the appearance of your advertising balloon. How big should it be? Where should you put it? Should it emit light or be unlit? How about its colour? And the shape? What kind of artwork to put on the balloon? After you have answered these questions about the design of the advertising inflatable, it is time to start searching for the most suitable one. If you have specific requirements, your advertising inflatable can be custom-made for you. Remember, it is important to be as detailed as possible, so that your advertising balloon really becomes a symbol of your business.

Here are the answers to some specific questions about advertising inflatables so that you can decide upon what kind of cold air inflatable you want.

1) How can the advertising inflatable be displayed? They are inflated with a cold air fan. The fan needs to be on as long as the inflatable is displayed.

2) Where should advertising inflatables be displayed? Virtually in every place where people are walking to see them: in supermarkets, outside car showrooms, on the streets, on beaches, on rooftops, on cartops, in parks and so on.

3) What are the maintenance costs? They are considerably small. There is a negligible amount of electricity used by the cold air blowers per day.

4) Which materials are advertising inflatables made from? They are made from a nylon fabric, coated in long-lasting silicon. This material is extremely resistant to bad weather conditions.

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