A very easy and free way to promote your bouncy castle hire business

One of the easiest ways to market your hire business. Every time you go out to where people congregate – particularly your potential customers try to make sure that you regularly wear a jacket, tee-shirt or sweater (or baseball cap) with your company logo on the front or back?

Even if it’s your day off, this tip should pick up more business for you. By doing this, you are a walking, talking mobile advert for your hire business. This idea also works particularly well when you are queuing up for something e.g. at a petrol station, where people have nothing to do but read your company name and logo and perhaps a slogan, as you are directly in front of the. at a bank.

This idea works particularly well in areas where a lot of parents and their children spend time (E.g. the leisure centre, the zoo, the park or the local family pub).

So you could be enjoying some relaxing time with your family, but still promoting your business for free. Make sure you carry business cards when people ask about your services.

E.g. you could have on your jacket “Your company name and logo and the all important words “ ask me for a business card!” Article prepared by Mark Jerram (BIHA / www.BouncyCastleOwner.com ) 29th November 2009