What You Should NEVER Say To a Potential bouncy castle Customer

(Unfortunately, many bookings are lost because of these two inappropriate words that are used).

Never say the price of your bouncy castle rental first of all. If you do it is very likely that the customer will say “thank you” and contact the next rental company.

Instead, try and ask the customer some open-ended questions e.g. What sort of age group are the children? How big is the garden or yard? When is the date of the party? Once your prospective customer has answered these questions, then you can go ahead and give them the price.

Hopefully by that time you would have established a good rapport with the customer and got the booking. Remember the old adage, “people buy people first”, and then they buy the product or service. If you simply tell them the rental price and nothing else then the customer would not have had an opportunity to build rapport with you. This one confidential tip could save you thousands over the years.

Article written by Mark Jerram (BIHA / BouncyCastleOwner.com )