Beat the Blob Inflatable – A new interactive entertainment

BEAT THE BLOB is the first in a new line of super-interactive activity and entertainment products from UKELO Technology. All parts of the product are made in the U.K.

The Blob is an 8 foot high inflatable fed by a small 400 Watt Blower. It is fitted with LED lights and precision sensors and targets to measure a competitors’ performance.

The specially designed Compitron unit connects to the Blob and displays scores and times while producing amusing loud voices and sounds via its powerful amplifier and speakers.

Using artificial intelligence techniques, its internal computer has given the Blob a personality. Unfortunately its personality is very arrogant and self-important. It has an ‘inflated’ opinion of itself and is, basically, ‘full of wind’.

After listening to it for a short time, any competitor will start hitting the Blob. The Blob shouts out how hard it has been hit and continues its arrogant tirade! It can take a lot of punishment!

The lights and sound direct the competitor where to hit. The Blob measures the speed, accuracy and power of each punch. After 60 seconds the session ends and the displays show the final score and the existing best score. The Blob also speaks the final score in a disparaging manner and then returns to its usual boasting behaviour.

The Blob, Compitron, Blower and stand all fit into a case measuring approx. 1000 x 1000 x 700 mm so it is easy to transport and carry.

The system can run from 230/110V mains or generator and also from any 12V D.C. source such as a car battery.

For more information please visit or phone John Baker on 07802 495848.