Check your bouncy castle website works on a mobile phone

Why it is vitally important to check your website works when viewed with a mobile phone.

If you have a website, (it is vitally important for all inflatable hire companies!) you need to get or borrow either an iPhone, Blackberry, Droid smart phone, or any other phone which can surf the net.

And then you need to visit your website using one of those phones to see how usable your site is.

The reason?? – a growing number of people are spending more time surfing the web with their mobile phones, than they do with their computers!!

This means your own website must be ‘mobile phone friendly’ – or you may be losing many potential visitors, customers and bookings!!

And it’s only going to get worse – as more and more people change over to smart phones, and portable tablets (such as the iPad) to do most of their internet surfing.

So unless you’ve checked your website and it’s features with a mobile phone, you may never discover problems that keep phone visitors from getting to your site and booking one (or more) of your inflatables.

For example, your site could require flash – which would exclude users of most current mobile phones and tablets.

Or the page text could be too small, or the menu buttons hard to find and use.

Most of the problems are easily corrected – but only if you are aware of them.

So if you have a website, make a point to spend time using the site with a mobile phone.

Make a note of any features that are difficult to use, and fix them as soon as possible.

Doing this now will make your site more appealing to your customers and prospects who use mobile phones and other portable devices to surf the internet.

I would be interested in any feedback on this tip……