How to get more referrals for your Bouncy Castle Hire Business

Getting referrals is one of the easiest ways to increase your profits in your inflatable hire business.

But how do you get more referrals from your customers and from the people you know?

“Is there a right and a wrong way to ask for referrals?

Yes there is.

Here are the basics of asking for referrals more effectively:

Timing helps but it’s not crucial. When you have just set-up a bouncy castle or other play inflatable, and the customer’s jaw drops, and they tell you how fantastic it looks, this is a time (if you feel it appropriate) that you could ask for a referral. E.g. “Do you know anyone else who would be interested in hiring a castle”.

Alternatively, and this may be a better time, if the party has gone really well, and the customer is absolutely delighted about how it all went, ask them if they have any friends, neighbours or relatives who may be interested in hiring from you.

Try to be specific, if you give them the whole world to choose from, they may struggle.

Ask them some questions: E.g. “Have any of your friends or neighbours got children whose birthdays are coming up in the next few weeks?”

Have any of your children’s friends got birthdays coming up.

Likewise, with corporate clients, particularly the social secretary in large companies, it is important to ask for referrals (providing the event has gone well). Remind them of the value that you have given them.

When asking for referrals, tell them that they know people who could benefit from the same service you’ve given them.

Some companies even go so far as to tell their customer that they will give a SPECIAL GIFT to anyone they refer.

For example: “I’ll give a few of your friends a free garden game hire as a gift from you…”

Remember to keep the person who gives you referrals notified of how they worked out…especially if it’s good news.

And always thank them for giving you referrals. Hand written thank you notes can work very well…

The process above is going to vary depending on who you’re dealing with, how happy they were with your service etc. etc.

But the principles do work. By following them you should get more bookings…and sometimes you may see spectacular results.

Article prepared by Mark Jerram


24th August 2010