Do you use Twitter to win more bouncy castle hire business?

By now you should have heard of Twitter which is a relatively new social / business networking blogging platform. This has caused a massive sensation in the business world, as savvy business owners are realising that their customers can keep up with what is happening in their business, and in their life in general in real time. If I am thinking of doing business with a company and I discover that they have a twitter blog, then I feel more comfortable about dealing with them.

Many people believe that a key reason why Barack Obama won the US presidentcy was because he kept his fans (and the whole of the USA) bang up to date with his plans through his twitter blog.

It is a proven fact that if you keep regularly in contact with your customers then they are much more likely to do business with you when their child’s party comes round again, or the HR dept. is organising their company fun day or team building event.

Twitter is a brilliant way of keeping in contact with your customers and clients in real time and it is 100% free of charge. Register for your free Twitter blog at:

I have found an owners “video training and user manual” for Twitter which goes well beyond the basics and shows you how to really sky-rocket your business profits from running a Twitter blog. I have had a twitter blog for several months now but I am only just realising how incredibly powerful it can be to attract new customers.

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Prepared by Mark Jerram (BIHA Founder) – 18th May 2009.