Leaflets and flyers for your hire business – What should be included

Most established bouncy castle business owners follow a similar pattern of information for their leaflets and flyers…….

I.e. Company name at the top in small lettering. Then Bouncy castle / inflatable hire underneath. Directly underneath this they have a photo or two of their BEST inflatables.

Under this, they have some details of prices. E.g. From £45 per day.

Under this they have telephone numbers, and website address and sometimes email address.

Your telephone numbers (Mobile and Land-line) should be as big and bold as possible because most customers will ring you, as opposed to emailing you.

Try not to make the leaflet look too cluttered as it may distract people.

To sum up, the crucially important components of a flyer or leaflet are:

The WORDS Bouncy Castle Hire / Inflatable Hire

A photo (or two) of your best and cleanest bouncy castles.

Your starting price (such as from £45 per day) Make this as big as possible.

Your telephone numbers – again make them as big as possible.

(Your company name can be in small lettering as this information is less important).

Article prepared by Mark Jerram (BIHA) on 24th June 2009.