SAFEchild – Guidance on child protection issues

About SAFEchild

SAFEchild provides guidance on child protection issues in line with current child protection legislation and promotes the Government’s “Every Child Matters” agenda. Established in 1999 SAFEchild is a registered charity and is dedicated to promoting the welfare of all children and young people.

Our Services

Backed by a multi agency team of very experienced and highly qualified child protection professionals, SAFEchild provides a comprehensive range of services to help keep children safe.

At SAFEchild we take a straightforward and practical approach and make tackling the subject easier through the use of guidance templates for writing child protection policies and risk assessments. We also offer distance-learning child protection training courses, CRB checks and up to the minute child protection information. In addition, SAFEchild runs child protection seminars across the country for those wanting to explore the subject in more depth.

Through membership of SAFEchild, you can access our self-audit tools thereby enabling you to carry out your own child protection risk assessment and tailor your own child protection policy from our SAFEchild template. Where required, SAFEchild’s child protection specialists will review and approve your risk assessment at no additional charge.

Safeguarding children and young people should be of paramount importance to everyone, not least because all organisations have a ‘duty of care’ towards all those who are involved in or who attend them. The Victoria Climbié and Bichard Inquiries graphically illustrate the overwhelming consequences for children and organisations when child abuse occurs. Specifically, they have caused a major shift in government policy to make the protection of children and young people everyone’s business;

“Everyone working with children and families should be familiar with and follow their organisation’s procedures and protocols for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children in their area, and know who to contact in the organisation to express concerns about a child’s welfare”

What to do if you’re worried a child is being abused Rev 2006, Page 3.

SAFEchild has been working with a broad cross section of voluntary groups and commercial organisations from a wide spectrum of sectors since 1999, including:

Uniformed Groups
Preschool/Play Groups
General Youth Groups
Village Halls/Community Centres
Government Agencies/Local Authorities
Housing Associations
Licensed Trades
Leisure activities

By joining the 2000 organisations already in membership, you will be able to access everything you need to safeguard children in your care.

Our People

The SAFEchild team is drawn from an extensive range of over thirty professionals who are child protection experts within their own fields e.g. police, social care services, education, youth offending, health, early years, victim support and advocacy.

The Director of SAFEchild is Rosie Carter, who is an acknowledged expert in the child protection field and regularly appears in the media, most recently in ‘Children & Young People Now’ magazine 27th February 2008.


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