Get more bookings providing inflatables for Stag and Hen Nights

Inflatables for all ages (both physical and mental) provide a whole host of fun at stag and hen parties. With numerous suppliers offering a wide range of activities, there is sure to be something to suit everyone, providing a hilarious spectacle for contestants and spectators alike.

Sumo Wrestling
The revered Japanese art of Sumo has become increasingly popular, especially at stag dos. Along with inflatable sumo suits for the participants, protective headgear and neck braces are supplied for the sake of safety. Two oversize wrestlers try to shove each other out of the circular ring on the supplied Sumo mat.

Kangaroo Boxing
This is another increasingly popular competitive activity at hen and stag parties. The supplied inflatable boxers` outfits include a padded suit, kangaroo-shaped head protector (with built-in Aussie style hat), huge kangaroo feet and oversize boxing gloves. As with Sumo, combatants strive to battle each other out of the ring marked on a padded mat.

Gladiator Duel
Based on the TV show, Gladiator Duel provides a great test of balance and dexterity (which are usually at a premium at most hen and stag dos) as contenders attempt to knock their adversary from a podium using an inflatable, padded “pugil” stick. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use, but requires a space of 25` square with 12` height clearance. A similar, balance-challenging activity is the Inflatable Pole Joust, in which competitors armed with a padded pugil stick attempt to dislodge their opponent from an inflatable pole, onto the soft inflatable bed beneath.

Bungee Run
Bungee Run is a brilliant two-player bungee game ideal for both hen and stag dos, as strategy is more important than brute strength. Each competitor starts from the middle of an inflatable and must place 3 batons on the posts of matching colour at opposite ends of the inflatable bungee run. The players are attached to the same bungee rope, which will only stretch so far until one is unceremoniously bungeed backwards.

Rodeo Bull Ride
The popular Rodeo Bull ride is an entertaining, amusing centrepiece for any hen of stag party. Although potentially dangerous, such rides are generally controlled by a trained operator and the ride is surrounded by a soft inflatable for a safe landing when the rider is predictably unseated. The majority of such rides are computerised, with riding times shown on a large, LCD display for the benefit of spectators. Ideal for use indoors or out, with an inflatable marquee often provided in case of inclement weather.

Bucking Sheep Ride
The Bucking Sheep is a hilarious slant on the above-mentioned Rodeo Bull and will have both riders and onlookers laughing aloud. Some suppliers offer the Rodeo Bull and Bucking Sheep as part of the same hen / stag package and they can be interchanged in a few minutes by a trained operator.

The right choice of an inflatable-based activity can greatly enhance the enjoyment of any hen or stag do.