Inflatable Fitness Club for After School



£14,995 is the price that will be charged once 10 areas are sold

What Jump Gym is…

Jump Gym is a brand new modern, energetic fun way for kids to exercise. Our giant inflatable play equipment is used in stimulating sessions delivered locally at schools, nurseries, sports centers, community centers and village halls. Jump Gym has been designed to be easily run on a part time basis with NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY, as training is given. Jump Gym is an enhanced version of a PAY & PLAY club in the operators own EXCLUSIVE AREA. Only one Jump Gym business is being sold in any one designated area so there is no competition. No experience is needed as full training is given. There are 3 age range classes;

Jump Gym Pre-Schoolers (3-5 years before school entry)

Jump Gym Juniors (5-7 years)

Jump Gym Seniors (8-11 years)

Jump Gym is designed to run in term time offering 12 sessions per week which equates to approximately £42,320 in income. Jump Gym holiday sessions can also be offered in the school holidays should the operators choose to do this. Therefore more income could be made.

What you get…

– A innovative, sports inflatable with additional extra features in 2 parts for easier handling

– Your own dedicated area that will not have any other operators in

– Business Start Up Training, Advice and Guidance

– Free entry on the jumpgym database for your area

– An immediate corporate look with professional logo and image

– A Jump Gym Mascot with corporate music

– A full range of cute characters exclusive to Jump Gym operators

– Access to the exercise class materials of menus, recipes, themes activities and Brain Gym exercises

– Access to exclusive Jump Gym products

– Advertising banner, roller banner and A-Board

– 2 x Jump Gym sign written crash mats with printed Jump Gym warm up and cool down exercises

– 1 x Trolley

How it works…

– You buy the inflatable from us and immediately have your own dedicated town – exclusive to you

– We provide the business start up training, guidance and advice FREE!

– This is your own business you can adapt it to your needs and your area, you can do as much or as little of the suggested business model that you wish

– You get opportunities to increase your income as you get access to the complete Jump Gym range as a Jump Gym operator

– When you buy now you pay the one off payment. Prices are rising once 10 areas are sold as the business will then be franchisable and there will be additional fees to pay to become an exclusive Jump Gym operator

For further details see and call 01952 585859 or email


Here are some Questions & Answers which will give you more information

Q: What is the play equipment that is used?

A: The Jump Gym play equipment is a specialist designed sports inflatable. With 12 sports activities. At a later date additional inflatable sections can be purchased should this be required eg ball ponds.

Q: Where are Jump Gym Sessions held?

A: Jump Gym sessions are held in school halls, sports centres, community centres, village halls, church halls and leisure centres. They can be held indoors and also outdoors in the summer which gives extra benefit for the children.

Q: How does the public find out about Jump Gym?

A: We give you an introductory letter to send to local schools in your area which introduces Jump Gym and all the benefits of Jump Gym directly to the Head of the school. There is an online campaign raising awareness directly to schools underway. Additionally there is going to be advertising in magazines, newspapers and at major supermarkets. We give you promotional literature copy to place at all of the halls, a banner to hang up outside the halls and a roller banner to put up in receptions/lobbys. Local advertisements and leaflets are good ideas to get the word out also. We supply a fun mascot which is great for getting out the Jump Gym name in your area.

Q: How do the children join Jump Gym?

A: There is a joining fee for the year which makes the child a member and this is £14.99 and they get a T-shirt and their Award Chart that they use each week. (We give you access to all of the Jump Gym products that you members can buy if they want to.)

Q: How is payment collected for the play sessions?

A:The sessions for the pay and play are £4.20 per child paid directly by the parent to you the operator in advance per term or half term (there are 12 weeks in each term so payment of 12 x £4.20 per session is given to the operator = £50.40 per child.)

Q: How easy is it to run the sessions?

A: It is very straight forward. We supply all of the information and material you need. The information A-Board is central to all of the nutrition and healthy eating advice with competitions and activities etc. We give you all of the fun “recipes and sporty actions” that you put on the information board each week for the children. The warm up and cool downs are all printed with fun characters on the crash mats, all of been designed by personal fitness trainers so you don’t have to have any specialist training as all of the work has been done for you. The product and session information range is constantly growing so you don’t have to worry about doing any research or development as it is all done for you. FULL GUIDANCE IS GIVEN YOU DON’T NEED ANY EXPERIENCE.

Q: How many children in each session?

A: 20 children per session is the target. This is easily achievable as the average class in the UK is 26 in each class and there are multiple classes in each year group. So as you can see the target market is massive.

Q: How are the children kept entertained and exercised?

A: The sports inflatable has been specifically designed to be fun and engaging. There are 12 sports activities which ensure the body receives a comprehensive, cardiovascular workout. The fun characters have been designed to be interesting and quirky to the children and the recipes are designed to be fun and educational. The children are rewarded and encouraged to participate with their own rewards chart which we supply the copy of.

Q: How do I fit the sessions around my time to make my income?

A: The business model says to run 12 sessions a week to turn over over £40,000 at the target class size. It is totally up to you when you run the classes. We suggest you run 2 each day Monday through to Saturday. If you work in the week you can offer 6 sessions on a Saturday and 6 sessions on a Sunday. (If you already hire out inflatables you will need to plan your drop offs for before and after your Jump Gym sessions.

Q: I am interested in being an operator how do I know if this is for me?

A: Jump Gym is designed for people who want to earn extra money, either for their main income or for an additional part time income. Jump Gym is flexible and can be run around your lifestyle. Jump Gym has been designed to be simple for people to become operators and for them to have support when setting up and being in business. Operators can contact Pineapple Leisure for any advice or guidance at any time whilst they are Jump Gym operators.

Q: What about insurance?

A: Pineapple Leisure give you direct access to specialist insurance companies. Each time a child joins Jump Gym, a proportion of their joining fee contributes to the public liability costs.

Q: Will anyone else be able to offer Jump Gym classes in my area?

A: NO. Absolutely not! Once you are a Jump Gym operator you have exclusive rights to your area, no other Jump Gym operator can work in your area so you will never get any competition. That is our guarantee.

Q: If I become a Jump Gym operator now do I have to pay any additional annual fees?

A: No, not at this point in time. If you invest now there are not any annual fees to pay in the first year. You pay £3995 + VAT.

Q: Why is Jump Gym so cheap?

A: Jump Gym is currently being sold on an introductory offer. Once we have sold 10 more Jump Gym businesses the price is rising to £14,995.

Q: Has the unit been re-enforced?

A: The unit has webbed seams completely on both parts of the inflatable and also has a velcro on slip sheet cover and velcro on steps.

Q: How can I increase my earnings as a Jump Gym Operator?

A: There are several ways to do this as we have several purchase options:

OPTION 1. Jump Gym as above plus you sell the range of Jump Gym goodies direct to your members whereby you make a profit. The products are all exclusive Jump Gym products ie water bottles, cookery books, socks, hoodies, jogging bottoms, Jump Gym character toys, story books and puppets etc. Additionally you can operate during the school holidays offering Jump Gym holiday club sessions.



Jump Gym 1 + 4 Exercise Vibe Machines for parents

This option allows you to make the additional income in Option 1 plus income from 4 vibe machines charged at £3.55 per 10 minute vibration session.


Inflatable Add-Ons……

You are able to purchase an additional section for the Jump Gym sports inflatable. This is a ball pond unit at only £2495 with 4000 colourful balls. This will enable you to swap and change your sports inflatable around during the weeks to make it more fun for your children.

Jump Gym is a brand within Pineapple Leisure copyright October 2010.

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