Why hire a Bouncy Castle ?

The Bouncy Castle remains the party centre piece for children’s parties around the world. It’s classic appeal is still as relevant today as it’s always been. The nostalgic feeling for parents is palpable, throwing back fond memories of their own childhood. There’s something rather nice about seeing your own children enjoy the same things as you did; In this fast changing world filled with smart phones and social media, it’s some common ground and a tradition.

It’s easy to see why bouncy castles are still enjoyed and looked forward to by so many children, the anticipation is almost as good as the day itself. It’s silly fun that makes them wobble and put them off balance, they can jump higher and more easily than normal and something that can enjoy with their friends. They’re able to do things on the bouncy castle that they can’t normally do and it makes them feel special. When they see the bouncy castle, they know it’s time to have fun and let loose. The party has arrived.

Bouncy Castles inspire excitement and a thrill when little guests enter the party and see one standing tall, squeals, gasps and big smiles fill the air as suddenly it’s the only thing they see. If a party has nothing else, a bouncy castle makes it fun and an occasion to remember.

There’s little else that’s such good value for a children’s party. For such a small cost the children are happy for the whole time. There isn’t anything else that can entertain so many children and keep them interested for such a long time, at such an affordable price. Bowling parties, cinema parties and other ideas all mean that sizes have to be kept small as they’re cost prohibitive and don’t last as long! They force you to make hard decisions about who you can invite; Costing more, for less time and less people! When you have a bouncy castle, it’s good wholesome fun that keeps them active all day and you can invite everyone to join the celebration! In an age when it’s hard work sometimes encouraging children to exercise, a bouncy castle does it effortlessly!

Children’s parties are often a stressful time for parents (especially the first year of school and the first big “real” party), a bouncy castle can mean the difference between a good time, and a great time! Taking the stress, worry and anxiety out of the day.

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